other goals for 2020

This year, I decided to separate my reading goals from my personal goals on the blog, so now you will get to see my personal/other goals for 2020.

financial & career

  • Keep track of my spending. I did this for a month for the Artist’s Way, but I feel like I need to do it for longer and more accurately, because I really want to get an idea of where my money goes and how I feel about my spending and see if it lines up with my real priorities.
  • Find a budgeting method that works for me. I’ve tried a couple methods of and apps for budgeting, but haven’t found one that works for me. Once I have a good handle on my spending habits, I think I’ll be able to better know what type of budgeting works best for me.
  • Save more money. I have honestly been terrible about saving money the past year, and it’s really stressing me out. I have so many things I want to save for, like a new car and a new couch and moving eventually and also big things like retirement when I’m old enough and buying a house for me and my fam.
  • Focus on getting better at my job. Now that I’ve decided to stay where I am for at least another year, I really do want to focus more on getting better at my job, instead of constantly searching for a new job. There are actually lots of courses that I’m interested in that I think would make me feel more confident at my job, which I think is the main barrier to me loving it, since it’s hard to love a job that you’re not confident in. I really want to use as many professional development opportunities as I can and be the best children’s librarian I can be.



  • Start getting more steps again. I used to love walking in the mornings and evenings when I was home, but when I got really depressed in October, I stopped getting steps. My goal used to be 10,000 per day, and I’d really like to start working up to that again in 2020.
  • Drink more water. I’m pretty good at drinking a lot of water, but I want to continue doing that in 2020.
  • Drink less caffeine. I’ve tried stopping caffeine consumption altogether a couple times and have not been successful. So I think a more realistic goal would be just having less of it.
  • Take better care of myself via appointments. I have a million appointments I’ve been meaning to make and take care of for various health things, and next year I want to get better at keeping up with my appointments.
  • Eat out less. I think even just eliminating most of my eating out would help me eat healthier. I currently go out many times a week, and I know I’d probably feel better health wise and worry less financially if I cooked more.



  • Make my apartment feel more like home. I had this goal last year but didn’t really do much to make it happen because I thought I was moving in the summer. Now that we’ve decided to stay longer, I definitely want to put more energy into making the apartment somewhere I want to be. Item 1: get a new couch that does not look like garbage (thanks a lot, cats).
  • Continue being positive. I have a lot of strategies now for being more positive, and I really want to continue to use them to keep feeling better during the day when I’m at work or at home.
  • Come out at work. I’m out to a few people in my life as my preferred name and pronouns, but I’m not out at work and honestly every time I introduce myself to people as my deadname, I cringe on the inside and it’s hard not to feel dysphoric sometimes. I feel like I’m close to being ready to take some actual steps to changing my name at work and being out as nonbinary, and now that I’ve decided to stay with this library longer, I want to come out and feel more comfortable and have people use the name I want.
  • Work on being neater & more organized. Omg, y’all, if I could tell you how many times my boyfriend has gotten on to me about being neater and more organized. Or how messy my work desk gets. Or how I almost never put my laundry away when it’s done. I find being neat and orderly very difficult and never know where to start when I go to put stuff away, but I really do want to be better about keeping my spaces neater. Honestly, if I could hire Marie Kondo, I probably would. But I can’t, so I have to work on my organizational problems myself.
  • Find self-care things I enjoy other than reading. I’ve struggled a lot this year with self-care because I don’t enjoy all the things that used to make me feel better and comforted. In 2020, I want to work on finding ways to practice self-care other than reading, and add more self-care strategies to my repertoire.

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