24in28 Readathon

Finally! It’s here! A 24-hour-ish readathon that I can actually participate in! I’ve been very sad the past couple months because I couldn’t do either Dewey’s Readathon in April because I was working on that Saturday or their one later this month on July 28 because I am working then, too. However, I rediscovered the […]

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#booksfortrade tips

For those who don’t know, #booksfortrade is a tag on Twitter on which people share books (okay, mostly ARCs) they have available for trade and then other people respond to the tweets with books THEY have for trade, you exchange addresses, send your books, and booksfortrade happen! It’s a really great thing that I’ve had […]

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book problems i am having currently

book problems i am having currently

Being a bookworm is great, but if you are one, you know it’s not all fun and games. There are numerous sites, hashtags, blogs, etc. devoted simply to bookworm/book nerd/etc. problems, so clearly we’ve all got some issues to work out in the bookish world. Here are some of the bookish problems I’ve been having […]

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librarian pet peeves

librarian pet peeves

I really like being a librarian. I get to be around books all day, often have time to read while I’m on desk, and helping people in the library with computers and finding resources is easy and satisfying. Coming up with programming and displays is creative and fun. However, there are things that happen at […]

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ARC August Sign-Up & TBR

I’m so happpyyyyyyy!!!!! It’s a readathon, it’s a month long, it’s all ARCs to knock off of my TBR list…it’s time for another ARC August! I haven’t gotten to do an ARC April or ARC August in a while because my blogging has been so spotty, so I’m very excited to do one now. ARC […]

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Caturday // ragdoll

Caturday // ragdoll

Caturday is an occasional Saturday feature here at A Word and a Whisper in which I match cat breeds with books. Today’s cat feature is the ragdoll, a supersoft, cuddly, affectionate kitty… Ragdolls are known for being SUPER cuddly and collapsing in the arms of whoever is holding them. They are very affectionate kitties who […]

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