Spring Fling Read-A-Thon: Final Update

The Spring Fling Read-A-Thon, a Seasonal Read-a-Thon, was hosted from May 15 until today, June 15! The idea was to read books based on the prompts below. Here is my final update and roundup of books I read for this challenge and these prompts:


Flower Power – a book covered in flowers


Popping Daisies – a new spring release


Bird Song – a musical book


Spring Clean – a book you’ve been meaning to read forever


Nature Calls – a book surrounded in nature


Ice Cream – a book that melts your heart


Spring Showers – a book that makes you cry


In total, I read 7/10 books for this challenge, which I think is pretty good! My favorites were definitely between THE BRIGHTSIDERS, MY SO-CALLED BOLLYWOOD LIFE, and WHEN MY HEART JOINS THE THOUSAND. They were all so different, both from each other and from most YA books out there. My least favorite books were THE DEEPEST ROOTS, which had cool magic but flat characters and boring plot, and THE OTHER SIDE OF LOST, which was also boring and just did nothing for me. I didn’t like THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL as much as I hoped, so I’m glad I didn’t end up preordering it (especially since it was the full list price when it was preorder time), which was disappointing because I had loved I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE so much. THE SECRET OF A HEART NOTE was cute and I’m glad I finally read it, but ultimately I’ll probably forget it in a couple more months.

It’s Pride: LGBT books I’ve read this year

Time for the second part of the It’s Pride! feature here at A Word and a Whisper to celebrate LGBT Pride Month 🙂 Today I’m going to be talking about some queer books I’ve read this year and what I thought of them.


  • Before I Let Go | Marieke Nijkamp – Ugh ugh ugh, I HATED this book. Actually I might have read it last year. But it’s a 2018 book so I wanted to talk about it. So this book is about Corey and how she goes home to her weird town after her friend Kyra dies mysteriously. She learns that Kyra was painting “prophecies” during manic depressive episodes. I hated this book because nobody took Kyra’s mental illness seriously, and it just seemed like a thriller device for the book even though it obviously was serious. I really didn’t like this one.
  • Let’s Talk About Love | Claire Kann – I ADORED this book; it was so delightful. It’s about a black ace girl who works at a library for the summer and falls for a guy Takumi. This book is just full of love and seems to be a good ace representation. It brought up a lot of topics related to being ace that I myself have never considered (probably because I do not identify as ace). I just loved Alice and thought the romance was so cute and all the characters were joyful.
  • Leah on the Offbeat | Becky Albertalli – I was so excited for a book about a fat, bisexual girl drummer. Sadly, I was really disappointed. It read like Simon fanfic, and none of the characters felt fully realized to me. There’s also a really hurtful bi comment in there that is never dealt with enough, and it bothered me. This book claimed to be great bisexual rep, but it still felt like it was lifting up white gay guys by not being a full enough story.



  • Love & Other Carnivorous Plants  | Florence Gonsalves – I was so excited for this book, but was disappointed by this one as well, unfortunately. It’s about a girl who just got out of a mental institution struggling with an eating disorder, who falls for a girl she met while inside the institution. I really wanted to like this one so much, and I did like the writing and find the voice very strong and different, but the story fell flat for me. You can read more of my thoughts here.
  • The Brightsiders | Jen Wilde – No pun intended, but this book was such a huge bright spot for me last month. I LOVED Jen Wilde’s sophomore novel and am now even more excited to read QUEENS OF GEEK when I can get around to it. You can read my full gushing here, but in short, this book has super amazing diversity, and puts a great twist on a teen celebrity story that I just loved.


Unfortunately, it seems like I haven’t really enjoyed most 2018 queer books I’ve read so far. I’m hoping I’ll enjoy more from the list I posted last week though. I also have a lot of queer books on my backlist TBR that sound really good, so maybe I should read some of those also. In short, I am hoping that the queer books will only get better from here.


Are any of these on your TBR? Have you read any? What did you think?

WWW Wednesday 6-13-18

WWW Wednesday is a book blog meme hosted by Taking On A World of Words where book bloggers answer these questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What are you reading next?
  • What did you just finish reading?

It’s so late in the day for a post but ahhhh I meant to write and post this earlier and I forgot so here is a post at 5pm US Eastern Time basically dinner time and almost me going home from work time. So, here are my books:

Currently Reading


I am currently reading Morgan Matson’s latest release, SAVE THE DATE, and let me just tell you I am enjoying it so much?!?! I’ve never read a book by Morgan Matson before but have been meaning to since forever and own two of her other books unread on my shelf for years (oops). This book is purely delightful and the colorful cast of characters in Charlie’s family is a joy to read about. I like that there’s a little drama but it’s not too deep or serious and the book manages to stay fun and light even though a lot goes wrong. I also don’t know if I totally ship the romance that’s happening at the halfway point because I don’t trust the love interest but I also want it to happen because Charlie is such a doll and I just want her to keep being smol and happy :)))


Reading Next


I GOT! MY COPY! OF A REAPER! AT THE GATES!! YESTERDAY!!!!!! I was so excited and thankful that my bf picked it up for me because I just wanted to hold it and stroke it for a while. It is so, so beautiful and I know it’s just going to wreck the crap out of me and I am so, so READY.


Just Finished


I enjoyed Robyn Schneider’s last book, EXTRAORDINARY MEANS, but was not expecting this book to be amazing and yet that’s what I got?? INVISIBLE GHOSTS is about a girl whose brother died a few years ago but she still sees his ghost and hangs out with him every day. Then, this childhood friend moves back to town and it turns out he can see ghosts, too. The book is all about grief and letting go and finding a way to live and honor someone’s life while not holding back from your own. The writing and story of this book are just so beautiful, and the romance was intensely shippable. I did not expect to love this book as much as I did but it is for sure a surprise hit of 2018 for me so far.

It’s Pride! The Pride Tag

As you have probably already noticed, I LOVE doing tags. They’re great when you’re feeling creative and also for when you’re not and need a little inspiration. I noticed that there haven’t been any tags made for Pride Month yet, and I also have never made my own tag, so I have decided to to kill two birds with one stone and create the Pride Tag! Feel free to borrow this tag and link back to me here at A Word and a Whisper if you’d like to participate 😀

This tag is a series of prompts based on the meanings of all the colors in the pride flag.

Red – Life – name an author who gives you life

Jandy. Freaking. Nelson. Is everything she writes just going to be perfect? I think the answer to that is yes. I was hesitant to pick up THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, but it immediately became a new favorite book. Then, when I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN came out, I put off reading it for way too long because I was super worried it wouldn’t be as good as THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, but IT WAS!!! So yes, Jandy Nelson is basically perfection and hopefully nothing will sway me from this opinion.



Orange – Healing – pick a book that helped you through a rough time

My pick for this one would definitely be Nina LaCour’s debut novel, HOLD STILL. I was really afraid to read it because I thought it would be too depressing since it’s about a girl whose best friend kills herself, but it ended up really changing how I saw some things. I had just gone through losing a lot of friends because of mental health issues I was having, and looking at mental health through the lens of a person without those issues like in HOLD STILL helped me forgive the people who had hurt me and also myself.



Yellow – Sunlight – pick a book that makes you happy

I’m actually going to pick the book I’m reading right now, Morgan Matson’s new release, SAVE THE DATE. This is my first Morgan Matson experience, but I can tell you with certainty that it will not be my last by any means. I own both SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE and THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING, and I for sure plan to read them ASAP after finishing this one because it is just so delightful. I love the colorful cast of characters, the potential romance, the family drama, the pupper, just…everything. This book gives me the warm fuzzies something serious.



Green – Nature – what tropes, buzzwords, etc., are you naturally drawn to when choosing a book?

  • Hate-to-love trope
  • Friends to lovers trope
  • “Lyrical”
  • “Lush”
  • Unique formatting
  • DIVERSE!!! esp. LGBT and mental health issues! and intersectionality!!


Blue – Peace/Harmony – what is your ultimate OTP?

I’m going to be really cliche and pick Rhysand and Feyre. I had other OTPs before them, but after rereading ACOMAF and reading ACOWAR, I just don’t see how anyone else can be my OTP. And apparently some people still ship Feyre and Tamlin even though he’s actually abusive? Pffft. Rhysand is so right for Feyre and they match each other so well.



Violet – Spirit – pick a book that speaks to you on a personal level

I could obviously choose a lot of books for this one but I am going to unintentionally pick a violet book for violet, Hannah Moskowitz’s amazing novel, NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. It’s about a girl named Etta who’s black, a dancer, bisexual, and has a not otherwise specified eating disorder. This was the first book I read that really got into how when you’re bisexual, it’s like you’re sometimes not gay enough and not straight enough and it’s hard to fit in to either community. I also loved the talk about performing arts since I also went to a performing arts high school for a time. It was just a perfect, heartwrenching, emotions-ending book.



Brown – POC LGBT Pride – pick a book featuring queer characters of color

For this one I’m going to pick a book I haven’t read yet, ANGER IS A GIFT by Mark Oshiro. In addition to queer stuff, this book deals with police violence, racism, and anxiety. It’s gotten really good reviews from a lot of people I follow, so I think I might read it when I’m finished with SAVE THE DATE and A REAPER AT THE GATES (which comes out today ahhhhh!!!!) It will probably wreck me, but I am so, so ready to be wrecked by this book.



I Tag…

  • Malanie @ Malanie Loves Fiction
  • Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books
  • Iona @ Dragon Waffles
  • You! Do the thing and go forth!

if we were having coffee 6-11-18

If We Were Having Coffee is a personal check-in post I discovered via a former book blogger. My version is better because it will be If We Were Having Tea, because tea is 1,000,000,000,000,000x better than coffee am I right? Coffee is so bitter and makes my tum hurt, so…blech. Apparently, I did an IWWHC post at the end of April, which is technically soon ago, but feels foreeeeeever ago, and I felt like doing another one, so here it is.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you I’m also doing this post because I feel like I’m…out of ideas? Kinda too stressed and anxious to come up with more ideas at the moment? Not having huge bouts of inspiration for posts other than Pride posts? Yeah, yeah, I guess…all of those things.

If we were having tea…I’d inform you that I’m currently reading MY PLAIN JANE, at least as of the writing of this post. Will probably finish before it is actually published on Monday, aka TODAY. At first I wasn’t sure about it because I didn’t really love the asides from the authors (ex. “We researched this and found xyz blah blah) because they bugged me, but as of the writing of this post, I have embraced the silliness of this Jane Eyre reimagining with many copy edit errors (oops, shade). It has Jane Eyre, plus Charlotte Bronte is a character, though I kind of dislike her in the book, plus ghosts! It is very charming and fun and proving faster to read than I thought despite being 400+ pages.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you that my boyfriend and I recently celebrated our first anniversary together! Oh, that and he moved in! I was SO nervous and anxious and freaking out about this before it happened, but I have to say, though I do love my alone time, I also love coming home to my hon, especially lately, since there have been a lot of bad and overwhelming and anxiety-riddled days at work. I now have my three most loved-ones in the house (the other two are the kittens), and it is very nice to come home to.

If we were having tea…I’d say I’m REALLY nervous about a school visit that’s coming up. A class of about 30 seventh graders is coming to the library on Thursday and I have to give them a tour, teach them how to sign up for summer reading, give book talks, and come up with a scavenger hunt activity with my partner. I am currently reading ARU SHAH AND THE END OF TIME by Roshani Chokshi, will talk about SOLO by Kwame Alexander because it’s one of our summer reading books, and might do one more. I know I have my partner to help out but I just feel so much pressure and feel like I can’t do it and will feel terrible because my anxiety has been so bad.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you that my anxiety seems to be getting worse. I feel anxious what feels like most of the time now. Usually it’s not about anything in particular, but when it is about something, it’s always about WORK. I feel like I haven’t been doing well at my job and like my partner can tell and is annoyed at me, and in my head I know I’m probably doing the best I can given how anxious I am, but it’s not enough and I don’t want people to think I suck. Plus I’ve been diagnosed with some other not so great stuff that’s making things worse.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you that my reading pace is FINALLY back to normal!! After I graduated college and the death of a friend a couple years ago, I didn’t read for about half a year, and my reading pace had been super slow up until doing Bout of Books last month. Then, I ended up reading 12 books in May, and have now read 5 books and it’s not even halfway through June yet! Honestly, I like zooming through books and just being able to feel like I’m reading a lot. I have the most ginormous TBR list and it’s nice to feel like I’m actually making headway. Plus, reading at super-human speed just makes me feel more…me.

If we were having tea…I’d say I’m feeling mixed things about continuing bookstagramming. I liked the idea of finding a new hobby, and I’ve always been kinda curious about photography. I also honestly like the instant gratification of lots of likes and follows of Instagram. However, I haven’t been motivated to do it lately and feel discouraged because I don’t have the right equipment or enough books to make it diverse enough. I also have a hard time finding an “aesthetic,” though based on my skill level and finances I’d probably go for a more clean and minimal feed, which I also enjoy looking at. I’ve been feeling slightly more motivated to experiment lately, but I feel like I just don’t have the right stuff I need. I want my photos to look like real photos even if I just have a clean white backdrop, not messy sheets or something. I want a new hobby to experiment with, and I think bookstagram is a good idea, I just have a lot of doubts, not a lot of money to spare, and current lack of skills.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you I finally read BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert! This is something I’ve been putting off forever, and something I for some reason got in my head that I had to do in order to start writing Queer Bookish Novel again. It wasn’t as helpful as I hoped, but it was at least somewhat inspiring, and I think I am, as she would say, the right person to grow this idea. I just have to commit to bringing it out. I’m now hoping I will finally start outlining my novel, and maybe even participate in Camp NaNo in July and keep writing through August. I’m still nervous, but I feel like I am meant for this book now, which makes me want to get back to it more. So we’ll see!


What would you tell me if we were having tea? Tell me about your lives and your choices.


It’s Pride! Pride TBR List

It seems like if I’m celebrating Pride in my blogging that I should be celebrating it in my reading, too. I have decided to try to read at least 3 queer books in the month of June. Here are some of the books I’m considering reading:

  • Final Draft | Riley Redgate – I *was* super psyched for this book…until I started reading it the other day. Now, I’m not certain if I’m going to keep up with it or not. I tend to always WANT to like books about teen writers, but in reality I end up not liking them, ESPECIALLY when they include the “character’s writing.” Not a fan. But it is queer so??
  • Girls of Paper and Fire | Natasha Ngan – A book about girls trained to be the king’s concubines but fall for each other?? YES PLEASE! Plus, look at that cover!!
  • When the Moon was Ours | Anna-Marie McLemore – I’ve been meaning to read this author for FOREVER. It’s queer and magical realism. What could be better?


  • Anger is a Gift | Mark Oshiro – I’m not so sure what this book is actually about but I’m pretty certain it has LGBT stuff, police violence, and race issues. So many people have been raving about this book that I might read it despite the terrible cover that I hate.
  • Autoboyography | Christina Lauren – I’ve wanted to read this book since before it had a cover. So many bloggers have been raving about it lately, which is great. It’s about a boy who gets dared to take a class where you write a novel in a semester and falls for the class TA even though he’s bi and in the closet because he’s living in a Mormon town now.
  • Wild Beauty | Anna-Marie McLemore – Maybe I’ll read this one sooner than I think because it’s also the group read for the Spring Fling Read-A-Thon. It’s about a bunch of magical queer sisters and a mysterious boy who appears. I actually started reading it last year and remember liking it, but must have gotten distracted by other books somehow.


Are you doing any special reading for Pride? Which of these book should I read first?

It’s Pride: 2018 Queer Books on my TBR

As one of my June goals, I decided I wanted to do at least one post per week related to queer things because it’s June and therefore it’s LGBT PRIDE MONTH!!! I think it’s important to celebrate being queer and the struggles queer people go through, and also to celebrate books that deal with queer themes and characters. So, I have decided to make a weekly feature throughout the week called “IT’S PRIDE.” Feel free to do this feature on your own blog and link back to me if you want to participate 🙂

For today’s post, I’m going to be gushing over 2018 releases with LGBT+ characters and themes that I haven’t read yet.

  • Pulp | Robin Talley – I read Robin Talley’s AS I DESCENDED last year and really liked the writing, so I’m excited to try another book by her. This is a dual POV book, with one perspective from a girl who’s doing a project on 1950s lesbian pulp fiction, and the other on a girl who wrote it and had to hide her love with her best friend. I’m curious to see how the stories intertwine, and to learn more about lesbian pulp fiction from the 1950s!
  • The Summer of Jordi Perez | Amy Spalding – I can’t believe I haven’t read this book yet. It’s about a gay fat girl who loves fashion, and really, what could be better than that? There will be lots of fashion, plus competition with the girl she’s kissing to win a job at the boutique where they’re both interning. It sounds like such a fun read and I really need to get to it soon.
  • What if it’s Us | Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera – I have mixed emotions about this one, to be honest. I LOVED Simon Vs., but haven’t liked another Becky Albertalli book since then. I haven’t really liked any of Adam Silvera’s books, even though I tried really hard to. Still, I have some hopes that this one will somehow turn out to be good?


  • Jack of Hearts (and other parts) | L. C. Rosen – I am SO excited for this one and so so happy I got an ARC from Little, Brown. JACK OF HEARTS is about a sexually active gay teen who writes a sex advice column who has to find out who is trying to blackmail him back into the closet. It sounds like perfect gay fluff and I am so here for it!
  • Ship It | Britta Lundin – I’ve read mixed reviews of this so far, so I’m not sure if I’m going to end up reading it or not. It’s about queerdom and fandom, which could be a fun combination, but a lot of people have said they didn’t like the MC, so we’ll see how it goes I guess.
  • Seafire | Natalie C. Parker – This is the first non-contemp on the list! SEAFIRE is about an all-girls pirate ship out for revenge. I didn’t know it was LGBT until I was making this list and saw it tagged that way on Goodreads. I can’t tell from the synopsis how it’s queer, but I mean a ship of lady pirates obviously has to be a little queer 😉


  • Blanca & Roja | Anna-Marie McLemore – I can’t believe I haven’t read a book by this author yet. Everyone on the book Internet seems to love her, and her books are all very queer. I am very excited to try out her next book, which is a Snow White retelling! Retellings are totally my jam.
  • Sawkill Girls | Claire LeGrand – How is she publishing two books in the same year queen??? Anyway. This is a horror-y book that’s atmospheric and creepy and has girls and girls kissing girls and angry girls (according to the author’s twitter). Super psyched for this one.
  • These Rebel Waves | Sara Raasch – People keep saying this one has gay pirates but I can’t tell from the synopsis where that’s coming from? But the entire Goodreads feed is of people commenting “gay pirates!!!!” so maybe I’m just blind? But hopefully it will be good!

June Goals

It’s June! Happy June, and happy almost summer to the majority of people who are not me who actually like summer! I always enjoy the beginning of new months now because I get to purge whatever happened in the previous month in the form of wrap-up/monthly rewind posts, talk about all the cool stuff I read, reflect on goals and make new goals for the month! I almost didn’t do a goals post for June because I don’t usually follow my goals anyway, but I couldn’t not do it because I enjoy writing them, so here is a recap of my May goals, plus my goals for the lovely month of June.

Here’s what I wanted to do in May…

  • Read 4 books    !       I did this! Three times over, to be exact!!
  • Write at least once      X        I did not do this. But I wrote a few posts about writing that helped reignite that creative spark a little, plus I recently started reading BIG MAGIC, which I’m hoping will help me conquer the fear of writing at least a little.
  • Work out at least once a week    !         I decided to do a few minutes of steps on my fitbit a few times a week, and I did this!
  • Research recording software     X      Did not do this; lost interest
  • Continue experimenting with Instagram         X       honestly I’m…not sure if I’m so interested in bookstagram anymore. I don’t think I have enough physical copies to do it or photo skills or props or anything else. I’m worried it will get too monotonous and boring after a while. Plus I don’t really have the inspiration?
  • Not be sad or jealous during BookExpo      !        Book Expo started yesterday, and honestly I’m slightly sad and jealous. I know in reality I’m just missing panels and a couple books that I don’t already have ARCs of, and if I see ARCs I want I can most likely request and get them because I am a librarian. So, trying not to feel these feelings.


Here are my plans/goals for June


  • Read 5 books. Hopefully I can do this, but I’m assuming the library will get busier as school draws to a close and summer reading begins. I need to get better at balancing my time and reading after work as well. For some reason I can just never get motivated to read after work because my brain is so fried.
  • Work up to writing. Whether this means outlining, blogging about writing, or reading BIG MAGIC, I think if I start small and move up, this goal will be achievable, and eventually (hopefully soon), I’ll feel able and ready to dive into Queer Bookish Novel again.
  • Work out at least once a week. I want to continue getting steps even for just a few minutes. Hopefully I can increase to 5-10 thousand per day, but for now, baby steps (no pun intended).
  • Write at least one Pride-related post per week. Since it’s June, it’s also LGBT Pride Month!! Pride is a happy time, and I want to celebrate being queer and queer things in the book community by writing posts related to LGBT+ things. I like to write about these things in general, but I really want to focus on it more this month because it’s PRIDE TIME!!!!
  • Hang out with friends more. I haven’t really hung out with friends much since April, and it makes me sad, because I love my friends. I always flake if they ask me to do something spontaneously or during the week though because I don’t like driving there during that time and I’m always tired after work. Hopefully summer will be less busy for some of them, and I’ll get to see them on weekends more often. I kind of want to have a dinner party as well, but am stressed about it because I have very few chairs at my apartment currently. Anyway. More friends!
  • Experiment with cooking more. I really enjoy cooking and baking, but tend to make the same recipe over and over again for dinners and lunches during the week until I get tired of it. To remedy this, and to learn about cooking some healthier things instead of stress baking all the time, I bought a new cookbook recently that looks very promising! I want to try new breakfast and dinner things, and hopefully find a solution for lunches, since finding things to bring to work for lunches has been a challenge for me thus far.

June TBR

It’s almost June! Woohoo! Summer is nigh, which I’m actually not to excited about, to be honest, because I do not like the heat and that is basically what summer is: a hot, melty mess. I’m already upset at the heat because some new makeup that I just bought melted and now it’s a weird consistency that won’t return to normal and…anyway, enough ranting. Summer is always a magical time in YA books, and June begins the onslaught of new summer releases!

Here are some June Books I’m excited about:

  • Save the Date | Morgan Matson – I’m ashamed to admit this as a contemp lover, but I have yet to read a Morgan Matson book. I’ve wanted to because they look fun, but they are also large and that intimidates me. This one might be my first try though, because it has wedding prep and family drama and I’m guessing a romance? What could go wrong here?
  • Summer of Salt | Katrina Leno – I haven’t gotten through a Katrina Leno book yet, but this one might be it. This one is about a magical family of women who live on a mysterious island and a tragedy. Plus, it’s LGBT!!
  • Invisible Ghosts | Robyn Schneider – I liked Robin Schneider’s second book, EXTRAORDINARY MEANS, so I’ll probably get to this one. It’s about ghosts and friendships and stuff, so it’ll probably be good.
  • A REAPER AT THE GATES | SABAA TAHIR – THIS BOOK DESERVES TO BE TALKED ABOUT ALL IN CAPS FOREVER!!! I AM SO PSYCHED AND NERVOUS FOR MY PREORDER OF THIS BOOK!!! I NEED MORE HELENE!! I’m hoping I won’t need to reread TORCH before I read this, but I might anyway just because I liked it 🙂
  • My Plain Jane | Cynthia Hand & Brodi Ashton & Jodi Meadows – I didn’t read MY LADY JANE because I’m not usually into historical, but this book is based on JANE EYRE, so I might try it out.
  • A THOUSAND PERFECT NOTES | C. G. DREWS – THIS BOOK ALSO DESERVES TO BE SCREAMED ABOUT IN ALL CAPS. But I will resist. I have followed Paper Fury and Cait since before she was Paper Fury. I’m not usually one who seeks out abuse stories, but I am very curious about her writing since she blogs about it all the time, and am excited to get my pre-order from Book Depository, and grateful that it exists so U. S. people like me can get this book even though it’s not being pub’ed here.


I’ll probably read some ARCs of books coming out later in the year that I have, too. I am kind of in the mood for GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE, which has apparently had its release date moved because it was being pub’ed on the same day as a Sarah J. Maas book, which strikes me as ridiculous, like, she really doesn’t need to be the only book published that day in order to sell, but whatever. I also want to read FINDING YVONNE, about a violinist who gets pregnant, which I think might already be out. I’m also excited for NOT EVEN BONES, which has a terrible cover but sounds exciting and is about a girl who sells the parts of monsters on the black market, but is then betrayed herself when she refuses to dissect a living subject.

Basically, there are a lot of good books coming out and I must read ALL OF THEM!!! And, if my reading pace keeps up, I probably will get to read at least many of them. So that is good.

May 2018: so! many! books! and a hospital trip…

Phew, May went by really fast, and I am quite glad it is over, though most of the things that happened that were not so great in May will carry over into June because I have health problems now! Ummmmm yeah, so I finally got in to see a doctor a couple weeks ago about the fact that I’m often very nauseous for no apparent reason, which turned out to be good because my heart rate has been really high lately, and I apparently have a heart condition that makes it beat super fast called sinus tachychardia, which fortunately you cannot die from. However, they can’t do anything about it yet like meds to slow my heart rate because I had heart surgery as a baby and they have to make sure it’s not a physical problem.

Last week though, I ended up in the ER because I felt like I was going to pass out. The doctors there thought it is probably anxiety related (so you can’t die from stress and anxiety but you can get health problems, apparently), which is not great. My anxiety has been admittedly very very high lately and I’m anxious most if not all of the time, but on the bright side, at least I wasn’t depressed this month?

On a happier note, one of my best friends adopted a CAT and I can’t wait to meet her. She is small and orange and purrs frequently, according to aforementioned friend, and currently has no name. I have secretly always wanted an orange kitty, though to be honest I couldn’t have asked for better kittens than my kittens. I am so much less stressed about the kittens than I have been since I first got them, and I fully love them now and love coming home and having Cedar nuzzle the crap out of me because he missed me while I was at work.


What I Read

I don’t know what happened this month but I read…12 books?!?! Or at least 12 at the time of writing this post. It’ll probably be 13 by the time it is published. Anyway. I guess I kinda know what happened; I participated in Bout of Books again, which always encourages me to read more, and then my reading pace just flew up from there. I am very pleased about this because I haven’t been reading this much since graduating college 2 years ago and I am very happy about it.

The most disappointing book this month for me was FROM TWINKLE, WITH LOVE, for all the reasons laid out in this post. There were a lot of highlights though, especially THE BRIGHTSIDERS, which was pure queer YA magic. I also ended up loving LEGENDARY even though I wasn’t sure about it at first, and I just finished WHEN MY HEART JOINS THE THOUSAND, which had such a unique, strong voice and was excellent.

I also started in on the Spring Fling Read-A-Thon and have read a few books for that as well. It’s going until June 15th, so I still have time to get in some more books for it.



Blogging Things

The post I enjoyed writing the most was my post about how I’m blogging differently on this blog than on former blogs. My stats are still really low because I am really new (it’s only my second full month!) but they seem a little down from a couple weeks ago. I’m still getting very consistent likes and comments, and really enjoy responding to them! I also blogged about writing more, which I hope will motivate me to soon start writing again, or at least write a little at least one time. Small steps here.



  1. My essential oil diffuser. To be fair, I’ve only used it twice, but I do really like it! It was recommended that I try aromatherapy, and I did find the lavender mist very relaxing.
  2. Tanmit dual-tip markers. I’ve been using these for a while for bullet-journaling, but I recently got a 60-pack because I wanted more variety in colors. I love having the ability to make my journal even prettier, plus they don’t bleed through the pages.
  3. Masterchef. I’m done with the most recent seasons of Top Model, Project Runway, and related spin-offs, so I’ve tried to satiate my need for mindless reality shows with this cooking show. I think I actually like it better than Top Chef because the judges are more interesting (I mean who can beat Gordon Ramsey?) I’m currently very invested in season 2 and will be quite put out if the jerk of the season wins (even though he is kind of good, though not as good as his arrogance would have you believe).


May Goals: Recap

In May, I wanted to…

  • Read 4 books    !       I did this! Three times over, to be exact!!
  • Write at least once      X        I did not do this. But maybe I’m getting there?
  • Work out at least once a week    !         Based on what I consider working out, I did this, too!
  • Research recording software     X      Did not do this; lost interest
  • Continue experimenting with Instagram         X       honestly I’m…not sure if I’m so interested in bookstagram anymore. I don’t think I have enough physical copies to do it or photo skills or props or anything else.
  • Not be sad or jealous during BookExpo      !        Technically as I’m writing this post this has not passed yet, but I think I’m mostly over the BEA hype. The thought of travelling to NYC is stressful just by itself for me at the moment.