pop culture readathon update!

Hello friends! At the beginning of the month, I announced my intent and potential plans for participating in the Pop Culture Readathon, happening from July 1-July 30. So far, I’ve had a lot of fun participating, but have realized that most of the books I’ve completed fit prompts on the Teen Dream board, even though I originally planned to try to get bingo on both the Family Affair and Thrill Ride boards.

For today’s post, I just wanted to give a little update for which prompts I’ve completed for the Teen Dream board thus far:

  • Laney Boggs – A book involving an artistic element – BE DAZZLED, which I read at the beginning of the month, definitely fits the bill for this prompt. Ryan La Sala’s upcoming 2021 release (will we even make it to 2021??) is super artsy fartsy and is about Raffy, a gay cosplayer, who wants to compete in a major cosplaying competition and prove to his mom and himself that his crafty dreams are worthwhile, and finds love with an unexpected boy along the way.
  • You didn’t tell me you were taking me to a gay bar!! – queer centered book – I’m using THE FELL OF DARK by Caleb Roehrig for this prompt. Nearly EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER was queer, and there was even a PANSEXUAL VAMPIRE!!!!! This book was basically Buffy the Vampire Slayerbutmakeitgay and I was so here for it.
  • Clueless – read a retelling or a classic – I’m using CINDERELLA IS DEAD for this one, which is a continuation of the Cinderella story set 200 years after her death, where the fairytale is used to oppress women and girls. The heroine, Sophia, is forced with the other girls of the land to present herself at a ball where the girls must be chosen by a husband, even though she’d rather marry her best friend, Erin. This book crushed me in the absolute best way and I have still not recovered.
  • Drive me Crazy – fake dating trope – I’m currently reading 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT PINKY, the third book in the wonderful Dimpleverse, about Pinky and Samir pretending to date over a summer. I just started this one and am already enjoying it.
  • Kid ‘n’ play – a book with a bromance – I’m counting CHECK, PLEASE! which is a graphic novel about a gay boy who bakes and plays hockey with his college team, on which there are many bromances.
  • Dianne Davenport – have your best friend choose your read – One of my work friends wanted me to read HEARTSTOPPER and I discovered we had a copy of book 1 at my library and I was ECSTATIC!! I read this book in about 45 minutes and was so there for the mutual queer but slightly clueless yearning. I felt this book so much and related to Nick’s struggles a lot and desperately need the rest of the series to magically appear next to me.

So basically, the readathon is going pretty well! I almost have a couple bingos, so hopefully I’ll get at least one over the next 9 days!

are you participating in any readathons this month?

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  1. So happy to hear that you’re having fun with the Readathon! You make me really excited for The Fell of Dark, I need me another good vampire book 🦇 I hope you continue to enjoy 10 Things I Hate About Pinky, I’m really excited for it 🥰 I’m currently participating in the Reading Rush and it’s a lot of fun 😊

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