positivity check-in | 11-12-19

Hello, loves! Today marks my final day on leave before I go back to work, and as such, it seemed appropriate to do another positivity check-in before I went back to give myself a bit of a boost. So, without further ado, here are some positive things I’m excited about:

  • I finished Britain’s Next Top Model cycle 10
  • The accents on Britain’s Next Top Model cycle 6 are much easier to understand (I know, I know; I’m addicted to trash TV, what can I say)
  • The Regrettes’ new album is KILLER
  • My cats have been super cuddly lately
  • I started a positivity Tumblr of things I like, affirmations, and self-care posts so I can look at it on bad days or during my breaks at work to keep my spirits up
  • Amelia from BNTM6 is super attractive
  • I got to have some alone time while BF was out o town
  • I’m not as scared to go back to work as I thought I’d be.


share with me: what’s going well in your lives? tell me all about it!

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