posts i wish got a little more love

Recently, I did a post highlighting my most popular posts of all time on this blog. Since that post definitely succeeded in driving traffic to those posts, I decided I also wanted to highlight posts that I wished got a little more love.

here are the posts


  • I really liked writing one of my earliest posts about how book blogging has changed since I started in 2012.
  • I wish all my tarot posts got more views, especially my posts for NO ONE HERE IS LONELY, ON THE COME UP, and THE PAPER AND HEARTS SOCIETY
  • I also want to highlight my first installment of the It’s In the Stars feature for Moon in Taurus
  • I also experimented with a feature about the etymology (study of language) of magical words. So far I’ve only done WITCH and MAGIC because the posts didn’t get a lot of views or comments.
  • I also want to highlight my post of books I recommended to my teens at my old library. I found it interesting when I was in YA which books the book community liked as compared to their target audience IRL.
  • I loved writing my post arguing why Merricat Blackwood from WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE is a witch.


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