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In my recent post where I reflected on my reading, I realized that I have somehow not read ANY queer books this year. Given that queer books are seriously my jam, this is an utter travesty that has made me look at my TBR list again to figure out how many queer books are on it, which queer books are on it, and try to figure out when I want to read all the queer books.

So today I am sharing with you a list of some of the queer YA books that are on my TBR that are being released in 2019.


  • Wilder Girls | Rory Power – This book is basically a queer Lord of the Flies where a girls’ school is put under quarantine when everyone starts to die from a strange virus. I am so here for plague books, plus THAT COVER!!!
  • Like A Love Story | Abdi Nazemian – This book is set in the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and is about a gay Iranian teen. I am very curious about this book because I haven’t read many with Persian characters, and I’ve never read about the AIDS epidemic from the perspective of a non-white male.
  • Orpheus Girl | Brynne Rebele-Henry – I downloaded this on a whim because I am very into books about mythology, as this one is. It’s somewhat of an Orpheus retelling about a girl in a small conservative town who is sent to a gay conversion camp when she’s found in an intimate position with her female best friend and crush.
  • Going Off Script | Jen Wilde – I’m SO excited about this one yet keep forgetting to read it??? I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Anyway. I LOVED Jen Wilde’s last book, THE BRIGHTSIDERS, so obviously I HAVE to read GOING OFF SCRIPT. It’s about a tv show intern who tries to get her boss to not ruin the lesbian character.


  • The Devouring Gray | Christine-Lynn Herman – I’ve been curious about this book since it’s getting a lot of buzz. I don’t know how it’s queer, but if it’s queer and about creepy forests, it is definitely a Mel book!
  • The Meaning of Birds | Jaye Robin Brown – I adored Jaye Robin Brown’s last queer book, GEORGIA PEACHES AND OTHER FORBIDDEN FRUIT, and have been planning to read her next queer book, and look, here it is! So obviously this one must be read.
  • The Lost Coast | Amy Rose Capetta – I’ve talked about this one a lot on the blog already, but QUEER WITCHES. Okay, I’m done.
  • Hot Dog Girl | Jennifer Dugan – I requested this one kind of on a whim but it sounds super cute and is about a girl working at a theme park and I’m pretty sure she’s bi? Obviously this bi girl has to read all the bi girl books.


  • Tell Me How You Really Feel | Aminah Mae Safi – In this book, a cheerleader and overachieving film director hate each other but of course fall in love. I am all about hate-to-love romances so I am very into this book already.
  • We Set the Dark on Fire | Tehlor Hay Mejia – I need to go back to finish this book that I thought would be too depressing, but since finding out it gets gay, I obviously need to finish it. This book is set in a Latinx, Handmaid’s Tale-like world where girls are taught to be either the emotional support of a man or the business support of a man, and men each get two wives, and the two main wives in this book fall for each other.
  • The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali | Sabina Kahn – I can’t believe I haven’t read this one yet even though it came out in January and I was psyched for it. Rukhsana is an Indian girl who tries to be good for her conservative parents, who send her to Bangladesh when they catch her kissing her girlfriend.
  • These Witches Don’t Burn | Isabel Sterling – Yes, I’m predictable; queer witch blogger reading about queer witches, what can I say?


Are any of these books on your TBR? Which one should I read first?

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    1. yessssss I’ve been excited about that one for so long I hope you love it when you read it!!

  1. Ahh what a fantastic selection of books. I loved Going off script and We set the dark on fire SO much, I hope you will too! I’m very curious about Tell Me How You Really Feel, can’t wait to hear what you think of it! 😀

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