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I have things I want to say/update my readers on but don’t want to do an official If We Were Having Coffee post because I do those too much, so now here we have a post of Random Updates! Woo!

  • Update #1: I have a new Twitter account! I had a general one for a while that I didn’t really use to promote my blog/was just personal, then I made it into a librarian account that I couldn’t link to my blog because I don’t want to get in trouble at my job, so now I have an account just for blogging things. I’ll mostly post about bookish and blog-ish things, with occasional political things because that’s just the state of the world we’re in.
  • Update #2: I’m revamping my Instagram account. For now I feel like doing combos of books and bullet journaling because I love both of those things. If I rebrand my blog at some point I may redo my aesthetic again, so we’ll see how that goes.
  • Update #3: I got an ARC of my most anticipated 2019 release, STAIN by A. G. Howard (one of my tattoos is inspired by UNHINGED and Splintered trilogy), even though there aren’t a ton of ARCs and it says VIP ARC on it!! I guess being a librarian has its perks!! I’m ridiculously excited to read this one. Seriously cannot wait.
  • Update #4: I seem to be out of my weird rut that I wrote about in my October wrap-up. I’m finding new ways to be positive and enjoy things that I used to enjoy, which is nice.
  • Update #5: Library-ing is going okay for once. A teen said I was cool the other day and I got three of my most difficult teens to participate in a program! The promise of eating in the library, which is normally not allowed, is very effective.
  • Update #6: I’ve decided to add some witchy posts to my blog and see how it goes! I’ve been wanting my own blogging niche and to be more creative, and this seems like a good way to do it. People seemed to like my tarot post, so I’m going to do more of those, and also the etymology (origin of words) of different words relating to witchcraft things and magic things.
  • Update #7: I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling weirdly inspired and interested in trying to draw? This is a big question mark for me because I currently have no artistic talent whatsoever when it comes to drawing, but I’ve seen so many pretty illustrations and blog graphics that I really want to try. I’d also love to try using an Apple Pencil and iPad, so that might be something to save for (for years and years).

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  1. I love these random updates!! ☺️ I‘m glad to hear that you are feeling better and got your most anticipated 2019 release, that’s amazing! 🎉

    I feel you about making art, even though for me it’s rarther stepping up my bullet journal game & doing better handlettering 😅

    1. I’ve actually been trying to find some good books that teach hand lettering because I’d also like to step up my bujo game! hand lettering seems like a hobby that would be very fun and creative!

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