read-a-thon mini-challenge: vague recollections

This mini-challenge is hosted by Scintillating Reads and can be found here. The idea behind this challenge is to describe a book as vaguely as possible and have people try to guess what it is. The person hosting this challenge, like me, is a librarian, so we get questions like this all the time with people not knowing a title or author but describing certain plot elements or the cover. I want to try describing a couple popular books and seeing if I can describe it vaguely enough that it’s hard to guess!


book 1: It’s got a blue cover, I think, with something about a cauldron and seasons.

book 2: it has a drink on a cover. In a plastic cup, maybe?

book 3: there’s a road trip and they’re trying to find something…or maybe someone?


Can you guess what any of these books are?

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