readathon mini-challenge: Anthology of Interest

This mini-challenge for Dewey’s 24-hour Read-A-Thon is hosted by Purple Owl Reviews and can be found here. The challenge is to write about topics you’d like to see an anthology written about.

I’ve never read an anthology, but there have been a lot of anthologies to come out over the past year or so from various YA authors that do look interesting even though short stories aren’t really my thing. For this post, I’ll first write about anthologies I’d like to see, then talk about some anthologies that are already out or are soon to be published that I’m interested in checking out.

Anthologies I’d Like to See

  • Nonbinary and trans stories. One of the anthologies I want to talk about is LGBT, but I’d REALLY like to see an anthology of stories just about gender identity specifically featuring characters who are trans, nonbinary, fluid, etc.
  • College-aged YA. I want to see more of this in general, so of course it’s going on the list. There is a debate as to what type of college-aged stories count as YA vs. NA, but I think college stories should still count as YA, personally, since college students still deal with a lot of the same emotions high school students do, but in a different setting and context.


Anthologies I’d Like to Read

  • All Out | Saundra Mitchell – A collection of stories about queer teens throughout history.
  • It’s a Whole Spiel | Katherine Locke – These stories are all about Jewish teens from Jewish writers! I feel like I’ve seen so few Jewish characters represented in YA, so this is one I’d like to read.
  • Toil and Trouble | Tess Sharpe – This anthology features stories about women and witchcraft!! Witch YA is the best, so hopefully these stories will all be good!

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