reading & blogging goals for 2020

This year, I’m doing something a little different and keeping my reading & blogging and personal goals in separate posts on the blog. This is partially because I have a lot of reading goals, so buckle up, lol.


blogging goals

  • Feature new books more. Last year, I feel like I wrote a lot about backlist books because I read more backlist books and reread more, but I miss gushing about the newest releases, and feel like I want to talk more about books coming out the current year. This isn’t to say I won’t review or post about backlist titles, but I just want to feature new books more.
  • Start doing week-long features of books. One idea I had this year was to do week-long features about new books coming out that I want to hype up. I wanted to do various types of posts all about one particular book for a couple weeks out of the month so I can keep hyping up recent releases.
  • Review more. When I started this blog, I decided I didn’t want to be a review blog and to talk about books in other ways, but I want to get better at evaluating literature and have something to show when I eventually go out for jobs in collection development with libraries. I’ve also read some really amazing and detailed reviews this year, and I want my reviewing powers to grow.


reading goals

  • Enjoy reading again. This year, my depression took a lot from me, and I think it’s actually been sucking on my love of reading for a very long time. It’s come to the point where this year, I really didn’t enjoy most of what I read and I just didn’t feel invested in reading the way I used to. I miss loving reading, and want to get that part of me back now that I’m feeling better.
  • Read more queer books. I know I read a couple this year, but I ended up feeling like I didn’t read any, and I read way less than I wanted to read. Usually I make a point to read as many queer books as possible, but I didn’t do that at all in 2020.
  • Read more children’s books. I want to read and evaluate more children’s books, including MG and picture books, this year for my job. Even though I’m a children’s librarian, I don’t have as much expertise in children’s literature as I do in YA, and if I want to be excellent at my job, I need to fix that. I started a children’s book instagram last year in the hopes that it would encourage me to read more kids books to post about, but that did not occur and I still really need to up my children’s lit game.
  • Participate in ARCapocalypse 2020. This is a challenge hosted by Destiny of Howling Libraries with the goal of reading all your unread ARCs. I both want to make a dent in unread ARCs from past years as well as leave fewer unread ARCs at the end of 2020 than I normally do.
  • Read what I’m in the mood for and when I’m in the mood. I’m a huge mood reader, but to be honest, I don’t always follow my mood when I pick my next read. This year, I want to worry less about when a book came out or is coming out and focus on reading what I’m in the mood for, because then I’m much more likely to love the book. I also want to put less pressure on myself to read when I’m not in the mood to do so, because then I won’t enjoy anything I pick up.
  • Read more/all of my most anticipated releases. I have a bad habit of hyping up books for years sometimes if I get to read the deal in PW, and then…not reading them. 2019 was an especially bad year for getting my most anticipated releases read, and I think I only managed to read 1 of them. Hopefully this will be fixed in 2020.

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  1. “Read what I’m in the mood for and when I’m in the mood” is such a good goal to have, especially for huge mood readers like us! Having review copies to read is taking a toll on me, with all the pressure I put on myself.

    I wish you all the best of luck in this new year and with your goals!

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