reading slumps are the worst

You guys, I have a problem, a serious, SERIOUS problem:

for the past 2-3 months, I have not been wanting to read.

Okay, correction: I’ve been really wanting to read, but I haven’t been enjoying what I’m reading. I’ll pick up a book I think I’ll like, and while I’m reading it I know in my head that I’d like it if I were feeling normal about books and reading, but in reality I’m slugging through the book. This even happened to me with WILDCARD, which was one of my most anticipated fall releases. I was sitting there reading it and couldn’t wait for it to be over even though I wanted to love it and would’ve loved it if I weren’t apparently in a horrible reading slump.

What’s the problem?

Well, one of my problems is that I’m a serious mood reader.

…or at least I thought I was. But lately, since I don’t know what I’m in the mood for, I’ve been having trouble picking a book and sticking to it. I’ve been trying to reread SHADOW & BONE recently even though I read it back in July (I have terrible series amnesia though, which is a topic for another post) because I loved it and want to read RUIN & RISING, but even that has now stopped holding my interest.

I think I need to make a TBR schedule.

I’ve never tried making one but apparently that works for some people. One of my goals for the upcoming year is also to stay on top of my ARCs and eARCs, so scheduling would help with that.

I should probably just take a break from reading.

Honestly, I probably should stop trying to force myself to read books when I clearly don’t want to be reading. Although I guess I do want to be reading, but my brain keeps telling me I’m not in the mood. But there’s a problem for me with taking a break from reading, too:

Not reading makes me feel guilty.

I do this thing where I psyche myself out about not reading so much so I keep trying to read, but end up with the problem of not enjoying anything. But I feel so guilty when I stop reading for a while! And I get worried that I’ll have another 6-month long reading slump like I did one time that completely threw off my reading pace for the past couple of years. I feel like I’m not ME when I don’t read. Like…without books, what am I? I am a bookish book loving bookworm. How can I be me without reading? I have an existential/identity crisis every time I contemplate taking a break from reading.

So, fellow bookish friends, I ask you: what do you do with yourselves when you are in a reading slump? Does anyone else feel crazy guilty when you take a break from reading? Am I nuts and overthinking?


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  1. OKAY THIS POST!! its true sometimes you fall into a slump for no reason and you just gotta accept it for what it is and take a break (i FEEL the guilt thing so much) Being a mood reader is a big part of it but i hope you’re about to tackle that slump and get back into the reading grind

    but you know, taking a break is cool too 😂😂

    1. I tried to take a break for the past month but it made me so sad so I’m trying to read again. So far I’ve read 2/3 books that I liked, so that’s pretty good I guess. I can’t tell if I’m in a slump or just haven’t been reading good books.

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