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I am out of post ideas for the week and I don’t write about the library nearly enough even though librarianship is in my blog tagline, so here is a wee post about stuff that’s been going on at my library job lately.

  • School has started!! Honestly, I was way too excited about school starting again this year. The children who were coming into the library seriously needed some structure in their lives so they didn’t spend all day at the library being rude to us. Plus, lots of these kids don’t have that much to do in the summer anyway because we are in kind of a dangerous urban area, so the library is really a better place to be than somewhere else might be. I was counting down days on my bullet journal calendar and I am so relieved that we are back on a normal routine with the children.
  • We got new interns. Every year we partner with a private high school for an internship program, and this year, one of our interns actually wants to be a librarian when she grows up! I am already very impressed with her; she has lots of ideas and clearly really cares about her position here. The other one apparently did not make such a good impression when he came in, but we have a plan to deal with any issues and hope to nip them in the bud since we’ll be consistent with them this year, unlike last year when we came in to having interns that hadn’t had any supervision for months.
  • Ceasefire program planning. We have a ceasefire event where the basic idea is that no murders will take place for a 48-hour period. I don’t know any stats on how helpful it’s been in the past, but we’re doing a bunch of programming around it at the library. The teen section is doing a post-it wall like what people did in the NYC subways after Commander Marmalade was elected. We’re also promoting the book DEAR MARTIN for a partner organization, which is exciting since it’s YA! Woohoo!
  • Planning for our big comic con event in June. This month, my coworker and I are starting to plan the big ComicCon-esque event that we’ve been doing for the past few years that will take place in June. This year’s theme is a Universe of Stories, so that should be a fun theme to plan around. We have to form a committee, get volunteers, get vendors and performers, do outreach and advertising, and a bunch of other stuff between now and June, and we are the ones in charge of it so wish me luck!
  • I have other work friends! The library where I work is the “training” branch, where all employees of the library system go to be trained before being sent to their permanent branches, so we meet a lot of people, and have trained two people so far. My coworker and I are still good friends with one of them, and it’s nice to go to meetings and other things and have other people to talk to. Plus, librarians from other branches are starting to recognize us, so hopefully we’ll make even more friends.

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  1. Also a library worker! My location is in the inner-city, so we only get school kids in the calendar year ^^’

    I’m so jealous of you working on a comic event! We had one that’s theme was music and I’m super jealous of a Universe of Stories theme >_<

    One thing I love that has been happening now that summer is over, is that more kids are coming in and getting books! It's nice seeing them with one or two little books to read c:

    1. yes, I agree. we had a couple come in and get books over the summer but not very often, but at least they’re coming in every day now even if it’s not to get books. It is weird being a teen librarian when there are no teens around, haha

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