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Today I’ll be sharing some books I’ve added to my GoodReads TBR list recently. Here are some of the books I’ve added that I’m excited about:


When You Were Everything | Ashley Woodfolk | March 10, 2020

I need this book, like, yesterday. First of all, the cover is amazing. Secondly, it’s about friendships ending and unfortunately I just need that in my life right now. Cleo wants to erase everything from her past with her ex-best friend, Layla, but is assigned to be Layla’s tutor. It also sounds like it’s potentially about toxic friendships? Which I could also use a little of.



The Need | Helen Phillips | July 9, 2019

This is an adult thriller about a woman whose home is invaded by someone who knows everything about her and her family. I’ve never tried an adult thriller before, but this one seems slightly reminiscent of the movie Us, which I’ve been wanting to see, so I think I might actually give it a try and step super far out of my comfort zone.



Very Nice | Marcy Dermansky | July 2, 2019

This is another adult book. VERY NICE is about a creative writing teacher who ends up living with one of his students and falls for his student and her mother. It sounds kind of smarmy and sleezy but for some weird reason I really want to read it?? Plus the cover is amazing?? Maybe I just want to read it because of the cover.



We Are Totally Normal | Rahul Kanakia | March 31, 2020

When I first discovered that Rahul Kanakia was coming out with another book I was very excited because even though it wasn’t very well-received in general, I really liked his first book, ENTER TITLE HERE. Then, I learned IT’S A BI BOOK which meant it was super extra on my TBR. All I needed to know in order to want to read it were those two things.



Necessary People | Anna Pitoniak | May 21, 2019

I actually just discovered this one because it was in a library marketing email from work, but it does actually appeal to me. Apparently I like my adult books slightly skeevy?? Okay then. Anyway, NECESSARY PEOPLE is about two best friends, one who’s always in the spotlight and the other who takes a backseat to her friend. It’s a thriller about toxic friendship and how far they’ll go to have it all.


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  1. Ahh wonderful additions to your TBR! I can’t wait to read When We Were Everything, this book sounds so good and we need more books about friendships break ups <3

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