Recent TBR Additions: YA edition

It’s a new year, and time for a million new releases that all sound really good! Here are some of the books being published in 2019 that I’ve added to my TBR recently that are (mostly) YA.



I looked this one up after seeing it around the social medias and starting to follow the author on Twitter because she seemed cool, and omg you guys, this book sounds ridiculously good/adorable/yesyesyes. It’s a romantic comedy about a First Son and the Prince of Wales, who fall in love after an international incident forces them to have to pretend to be best friends. Have I ever told you how much I secretly love royal romcoms? No? Well I do, PLUS fake relationships of any kind PLUS queer??? I don’t see how I won’t love this book.



I discovered this one through Malanie, and though I hadn’t heard of it before then, man, let me tell you how excited I am to read it now. This book is about a girl who creates a digital best friend after losing her best friend to growing apart and her crush to a car accident. NO ONE HERE IS LONELY sounds so tragicute and unique and heartstring pull-y that I just HAVE to have it!



The only reason this one got on my radar was because I saw the cover reveal all over the Twitters and Bustle, and boy, is that ever the BEST cover! I also did something I never do, which is read the excerpt attached to the cover reveal, and how good the writing was convinced me that I have to buy this one when it comes out. Yay for Barnes & Noble Christmas gift cards, if they last me that long *crosses fingers*



No cover yet for Sarah Dessen’s new book coming out, THE REST OF THE STORY. I hadn’t read a Dessen book in a long time before ONCE AND FOR ALL came out a couple years ago, and I really enjoyed that book. I am definitely looking forward to reading more Sarah Dessen, no matter what the book is actually about.



Two words: TEXTING ROMANCE!!!! I already ship this and I haven’t even read it yet. In TECHNICALLY, YOU STARTED IT, a girl starts texting a guy with a unique name but doesn’t know its the other guy with the same name, who she actually hates. I am so for this book it’s not even funny give it to me now please thanks byeeeeee.


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  1. This is such a great post, I love your latest additions! I can’t wait to read Red, White & Royal Blue, it sounds SO good and ahhh I’m all here for it. <3

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