september goals

Why do I still do goals posts when I never manage to accomplish all my goals? It is truly the mystery of our time. BUT here we are again, new month, new me, new goals. This month I’m going to try to keep things more reasonable and not make a million goals that I know I’ll never accomplish, so we’ll see how that goes. But first, let’s recap my August goals:


august goals

  • Read 5 novels.     XX       Did not do this; only read 3
  • Read SPIN THE DAWN, WILDER GIRLS, and WICKED FOX.     !!       I am counting this one as done because I did try to read all of them, I just wasn’t in the mood or DNFed them.
  • Finish THE RAVEN BOYS and DAISY JONES AND THE SIX.          !!         I DID THIS and they were AMAZING!!!!
  • Reduce my diet coke intake.            !!           I am now Diet Coke free!!
  • Try one new recipe per week.           XX      Oh lol, I forgot I made this ridiculous goal. It is ridiculous because I started getting major cooking anxiety/stress in August and ended up going out for almost every dinner.
  • Start research/outlining/planning of my WIP ideas.            !!           I am going to count this as done because I did research a little for my Harriet the Spy fanfiction retelling idea, even though it was only a little bit. But small steps are better than zero steps.
  • Start working towards my daily step goal again.        X!      SPEAKING OF STEPS there is this goal. That I sort of did but only at the very end of August when I went home. Other than that I was pretty sedentary most of the month, unfortunately.


September Goals

  • Read for fun without pressure. This feels like a weirdly difficult goal because I always put pressure on myself to read a ton of books a month like I used to be able to, and I never just read what I want without worry. So we’ll so how this turns out.
  • No Diet Coke. Continue doing this.
  • Get more steps. Ideally I’d like to get 150 active minutes per week because that is the recommended amount of light to mild activity for heart health/general health, and as I mentioned last month when I made this goal, it does make me feel better.

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  1. I like this post! Youve onspured me to start a similar thing on my blog as well. O know what ypu mean about going ocer bpard on goal making bte i loke your refined list. Im sure you will complete it and then some Blessings and may the wheel turn on your favor.

    With High Regards,
    Kyle W. M. (Kyle LostBoy)

  2. What a great idea for a post… I also have a diet coke habit I’m trying to kick haha and I’ve just been through a book slump, so reading for pleasure is high on my list too!

  3. Best of luck for all of your goals this month, Mel,you can do this! I’m happy you did a little bit of research, small steps are still steps, you’re doing AMAZING <3

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