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We all know I always fail epically at sticking to TBRs I make for myself, so this month, I’m just going to highlight some exciting September releases that I have eARCs or ARCs of that I am dying to read. Will I actually read them in time? Who knows! (i. e. probably not) but I can hope and dream, can’t I? Plus, I just HAVE to gush about all of these amazing upcoming books.


september 3

Okay, before I get to the screaming about these two, can we just talk about how gorgeous and epic the covers look together? They’re both amazing covers on their own, but they look like they belong together. Okay, done gushing about the covers.

serpent and dove | shelby mahurin

Why did I not read the ARC of this that I got at BEA? Who knows. But I am still so psyched to read this book!! It’s WITCHY and about witches and a holy war between witches and the church. I’m expecting uber darkness and eeriness from this book and hope it delivers!!

kingdom of souls | rena barron

I have been excited for this book since the deal was announced and it had a different title and no cover. It’s about a girl who sells her soul to get magic because she’s part of a long line of witch doctors but has no magic of her own. Can I get a HELL YEAH??


september 10


the ten thousand doors of january | alix e. harrow

So…embarrassing confession: I stood in line for this at BEA because I thought it was YA and…it’s not?? But it still sounds really good and I have been wanting to give some adult fantasy a try. When I found out that this book has a) a mysterious mansion and b) an equally mysterious and potentially magical book, I knew I had to try this one.

a match made in mehendi | nandini bajpai

This book sounds SO FREAKING CUTE!!! Simi accidentally sets up her cousin with someone her family really likes, so they assume she has their long passed down gift of matchmaking, which she doesn’t want because she’s an artist. But, to boost her and her best friend’s social status, she decides to create a matchmaking app that ends up putting her high school’s social hierarchy upside down.

a treason of thorns | laura e. weymouth

Honestly I don’t understand what this book is actually about but the cover is gorgeous and it gives me dark vibes so obviously it’s a Mel book and I NEEDS IT.

frankly in love | david yoon

There are two main things that made me want to read this book: 1) David Yoon is the husband of Nicola Yoon, who wrote EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, and 2) THE FAKE DATING TROPE!!!! Seriously, as long as a book has this trope it is guaranteed that I will read it.


september 17 & 24

the bone houses | emily lloyd-jones

It’s about bones and graveyards and gravedigging families and dead bodies rising from the dead…what more could you want?

no judgements | meg cabot

I’m pretty sure when I received my eARC of this I literally squeed aloud. Meg Cabot was one of my favorite authors growing up and I’ve read SO MANY of her books. I haven’t given any of her adult books a try though, so I’m hoping this one lives up to my extremely high expectations.

the tenth girl | sara faring

This book seems to be getting a decent amount of hype, especially considering it’s horror YA, which is never hyped, and that gives me hope for the next generation. It is a psychological thriller set at a strange finishing school in Buenos Aires, and I am so here for it.

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  1. I’m reading Kingdom of Souls at the moment and it’s SO good! I hope you manage to get to it soon so you can understand the love. I’m really interested in The Tenth Girl, even though I saw some not-so-great reviews of it once the BEA ARCs were out. I think it sounds really good though!

    1. I think so too! And I’m so happy to hear you’re loving Kingdom of Souls! It’s definitely one of my top reading priorities this month so hopefully I’ll get to it soon after I finish my current read.

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