smol announcement: comments

Hi, friends. It has come to my attention that some people’s comments have not been going through since I went self-hosted approx. 2 weeks ago, so if you have commented and I have not responded yet, it’s because my site appears to be having problems, not because I’m ignoring you! I am so sorry I didn’t notice this until now, but I thought that perhaps people were suddenly busy and/or didn’t like my site anymore since the name change, but now I know that is not the case and I am working on trying to find a solution so you can all comment again! I think it may have been an issue with the theme I was using, since all of my settings with Jetpack were correct, so I’m hoping that changing the theme back to the old one will solve the issue. Again, I’m so sorry about this and I am working to find a solution ASAP!

update: I think I fixed it!

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