springtime witchcraft

Every time the seasons change, I love collecting ways in which to practice witchcraft based on the season, and then…fail epically at doing so. Still, I want to share some ways to add a bit of springtime into your daily witchy practices that maybe I’ll actually be able to do now that I have a considerable amount of time on my hands:

  • study flower and herb correspondences for usage in spells
  • use crystals with spring color correspondences in your spells or to create crystal grids, such as citrine, emerald, rose quartz, amber, tigers eye
  • celebrate ostara and beltane
  • charge yourself by going outside and feeling the sun warm your body
  • take walks in nature and notice how green everything is and how spring is changing nature
  • do a deep spring cleaning/cleanse of your living space to drive out unwanted and negative energies
  • open your windows during the day to blow away negative energies with the spring breeze
  • use divination to reevaluate your goals for the year and discover how you can help yourself grow
  • add some houseplants to your family and take good care of them
  • research springtime gods and goddesses, like Gaia, Apollo, Freya, Lares, and the May Queen
  • perform spells around abundance, fertility, growth, and positivity and happiness
  • when you need to feel grounded, go outside with bare feet and feel the grass and dirt between your toes
  • collect rainwater and sun water for spells
  • plant an herb and flower garden for your craft and the bees


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