positivity check-in | 11-12-19

Hello, loves! Today marks my final day on leave before I go back to work, and as such, it seemed appropriate to do another positivity check-in before I went back to give myself a bit of a boost. So, without further ado, here are some positive things I’m excited about:

  • I finished Britain’s Next Top Model cycle 10
  • The accents on Britain’s Next Top Model cycle 6 are much easier to understand (I know, I know; I’m addicted to trash TV, what can I say)
  • The Regrettes’ new album is KILLER
  • My cats have been super cuddly lately
  • I started a positivity Tumblr of things I like, affirmations, and self-care posts so I can look at it on bad days or during my breaks at work to keep my spirits up
  • Amelia from BNTM6 is super attractive
  • I got to have some alone time while BF was out o town
  • I’m not as scared to go back to work as I thought I’d be.


share with me: what’s going well in your lives? tell me all about it!

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positivity check-in || 10-26-19

This is a new feature I’m experimenting with. I don’t know if I’ll keep posting them or if I’ll just keep them for myself in my journal, but I wanted to share it as a feature because I’ve been writing a whole lot about my struggles with depression on here and wanted to share some of the coping strategies I’ve been learning and using in the hopes that it might help someone else.

The positivity check-in is a semi-daily think I’m trying to do where I basically write some positive things that happened that made me smile. It’s kind of like a gratitude log, but more general. Some people really like gratitude logs, but I’ve always had trouble with that, so I decided to make my own spin on it and create the Positivity Check-In.

Here is a collection of positive things that happened this past week:


Kesha announced a new album

It’s coming out in January 2020 and is called High Road. In her trailer for it, she talks about how with RAINBOW, which was the first album of hers I ever listened to, she had more serious things to deal with in the music, and now she’s back to making joyful party music, basically. Honestly though, after RAINBOW, I am here for anything Kesha puts out. I find her so relatable and inspirational and I just want her to be happy and supported and to put out killer happy music.

I got to the disastrous restaurant wars episode in my rewatch of season 10 of Top Chef.

This is one of my favorite Top Chef seasons, and this season’s Restaurant Wars episode goes extra terribly for all the chefs. FYI, in the restaurant wars episodes, the top 8 contestants split into 2 teams to build a restaurant concept from the ground up and go to service in 24 hours. It is the most stressful episode for the competitors and the most exciting episode for viewers, lol, we’re all sadists.

My mom bought me a ukulele.

As I wrote in my recent Things I Want to Do post, I really want to catch up to my mom and learn ukulele. She offered to buy me one so we can play together over FaceTime and when she comes to see me. It was such a sweet gesture and I just appreciate it so much, and I’m psyched to finally try playing ukulele, which I’ve actually been wanting to learn for a super long time.

King Princess & Tessa Violet both released full-length albums.

Both these artists have released singles and EPs that I’ve really liked, and I discovered they both came out with new albums last Friday. I’ve been listening to both nonstop and they’re excellent.

I discovered I like annotating while I read.

I have been meaning to try annotating while reading for a while because I’ve been curious about the idea of doing it for fun and not just for school, and when I started reading THE SISTERS OF THE WINTER WOOD recently, I found I had a lot to make note of and have just been having so much fun reading this way. I’m more engaged with the text and it’s fun to work out my thoughts about the story this way.

Witchathon is this week!

Technically, it started October 24. It also coincides with Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon, which I always attempt to do and fail to do. But I was super psyched for Witchathon and have a lot of great reads planned. Check out my TBR for the readathon here.

The cover of 10 Things I Hate About Pinky was revealed!!!!!

And it is GORGEOUS. I think other than the DIMPLE cover, this might be my favorite Sandhya Menon cover. I love Pinky’s multicolored hair and her gorgeous smile; looking at these book covers makes me feel so joyful and I’m so happy that they exist. I’m so psyched for this book because I loved Pinky and Samir in SWEETIE and I just…I need this book ASAP, please!!


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