tarot reading: the gravity of us

For today’s post in THE GRAVITY OF US Week, I will be doing a relationship spread for Cal and love interest Leon.




cal’s feelings about leon


When you get the Magician in a reading, it signals a time is coming of new ideas that have a spark of divine energy behind them. In a love reading, my interpretation is that Cal and Leon are an excellent match (or at least Cal feels very strongly that he and Leon are an excellent match).


leon’s feelings for cal


The Fool is actually a relatively positive card to get in a reading because he symbolizes renewed hope and wonder. In this reading, this signifies that Leon is hopeful that his relationship with Cal will be successful.

what brings you together


The Empress is a “mothering” card that encourages you to be creative and is loving and generous. This card suggests you need to take time to grow and nurture what you love. Cal and Leon are certainly connected to each other, but this to me implies that they need to actually take the time to nurture their relationship and not get distracted by what’s going on around them.


strengths of the relationship


The Five of Wands is a card dealing with personal development and at times business ventures. This card says that though you may feel unstable in a new venture, it’s important to remember your drive and passion. Both Cal and Leon are very driven people, and I think that part of them is part of what they’re both attracted to in each other.


relationship weakness


This card implies that while you have security in a venture or relationship, it will come at a cost. Cal’s cost for being in a relationship with Leon and pursuing it past high school graduation is that he won’t move back to New York with his best friend Deb as he planned. His focus on his own pursuits, including his journalism projects and his new romance, also puts his relationship with Deb at risk and leaves her feeling left behind and left out.


can it be successful?


The Emperor is a card representing strength and bravery. This suggests to me that after the story ends, Cal and Leon’s relationship could be successful if Cal is brave enough to let go of what he thought he wanted before. He has to be willing to take the reins of his situation and move forward, and not be held back by plans he made in the past before his family moved to the NASA base and he met Leon.



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