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Okay, so I am having a total tarot field day with THE RAVEN BOYS. There’s actual tarot in the book that plays a role in the story, so obviously I had to do my own tarot reading for one of the characters. I was especially intrigued by Whelk’s tarot reading scene where he got the Blue card (aka Page of Cups), so I decided to do my own for him using my Kawaii tarot app, based on the Kawaii tarot deck that is the most accurate deck I have, and DAMN…things got WEIRD.

***also, please note I am currently reading the first Raven Cycle book so please no spoilers in the comments. Probably don’t need to say that but just in case***

Okay, so.

The question I asked was whether the character Barrington Whelk, the vaguely creepy Latin teacher at Aglionby, will find Glendower (I think I’m spelling that relatively correctly), the Welsh king that Gansey and Co. want to find, with a three card reading. The three cards represent Whelk’s past, present, and future.




So, the thing I don’t like about the Kawaii tarot app is that it doesn’t do reversed card meanings. I haven’t decided yet if I want to use reversed meanings in my own readings, but I do feel it brings more nuance to tarot readings. This card would also make more sense with Whelk’s story if it were reversed. Upright, it means that you’re working hard and though it might not bring monetary gain, you are taking yourself to a higher place in your career. If it were reversed, I would take it to mean that Whelk feels stagnant in his career and probably add in something about the monetary gain being what he desires most.

That would definitely fit with Whelk’s background story more because he teaches at Aglionby but hates it because it reminds him of everything he has lost. I could have also drawn this card because honestly I feel the Kawaii deck tends to err on the side of positivity, so it probably just wants Whelk to be happy even though he is a deeply unhappy, dissatisfied person.




The Wheel of Fortune represents the cycles of our lives and how our luck can go up or down. The interpretation of this card really depends on how you personally view luck and chance, and can also depend on the other cards present in the reading. Since I chose to interpret the Eight of Pentacles as reversed and negative, I see this card as indicating that Whelk’s fortunes are about to change, so the answer to my original query about whether he will find the sleeping king might be that he is on the path to find him.


now, this is where it gets freaky.

I have no control over which cards I draw. When I do a physical reading with actual cards, I guess I could have somewhat more control. But this reading I did with the app, which chooses cards automatically. This is the card that it chose for Whelk’s future:



What’s freaky about this, is that if you know this series really well, you know that Maura, Blue’s mother, believes that Blue is represented in the tarot deck by the Page of Cups card. When Maura and her friends Calla and Persephone participated in Whelk’s reading in the book, they all drew the Page of Cups card as the final card in their readings, which caused Maura to stop the reading because she didn’t want Blue to be involved and saw something that disturbed her.

I also drew the Page of Cups for Whelk.

My Kawaii tarot deck is often freakishly accurate, but I have never had something quite so uncannily accurate happen yet.


This card implies that Blue is inextricably linked to Whelk’s future. Because of her unintentional skills in amplifying supernatural powers, abilities, and general happenings, I can only guess that Whelk will try to use blue in another ritual to find the ley line, like he did in the ritual that killed his friend Czerny (BUT DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE THAT THOUGH???) Whether she likes it or not, Blue will be a part of Whelk’s journey to find the sleeping Welsh king.



^behold the freakishly accurate reading

(isn’t that creepy though)

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  1. Please continue to do tarot readings during your read of this series! It would be amazing to see how the cards feel about the story since it is such an important part of the story. I hope you love the rest of the book and can’t wait to see your thoughts! Thanks for sharing!

    1. yes, I definitely will! I was so surprised that this reading was almost dead on so I’d be curious what else the cards have to say 🙂

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