tarot reading: warcross

Hello, and welcome to my first tarot reading. This is actually a recycled post from my book Tumblr (aka booklr) that I posted a while ago. It is my very first tarot spread, both in general and for a book! I decided for this reading to do a three card spread to read theΒ situation-action-outcome of the book, WARCROSS, one of my new favorite things!

Here are the results of my reading:


SITUATION: the Magician is a card at that represents a divine idea. If you draw this card, it might suggest that you need to buckle down and eliminate distractions. I interpret this to mean that Emika will have to put aside other worries, including baggage from her past about her father dying, as well as any other distractions, which could include her romance with her childhood idol. Only then will she reach her goals.

ACTION: The action card here is the high priestess. The high priestess challenges the person who draws the card to go deeper. I interpret this to mean that Emika is on the right path, but is missing a crucial detail that will enable her to reach her goals.

OUTCOME: The outcome card is six of cups. Six of cups is a card that represents nostalgia and old friendship. If Emi wants to capture zero, she may find that an old relationship of some sort will come to light. It may have something to do with who Zero actually is.

When I first did this reading, I was super shocked by how accurate it was. Now that I’ve read both WARCROSS and WILDCARD, I can say that all of these cards are very accurate to the book.

As a bonus, here is an aesthetic I made for WARCROSS:


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  1. Ahhhh this is such a cool feature, I’m really happy to see it coming to life and I am so surprised at how accurate that is, too, that’s so great! πŸ˜€ Are you going to be doing this often, and for books you’ve read only, or will you try to do it for books you have to read, too? πŸ™‚
    Anyhow, that’s a really cool feature – and wonderful aesthetic!!

    1. I know, right? I was also surprised by the accuracy. I want to do it more often because I really want to get good at tarot, and I would like to do it both for books I’ve read and books I haven’t read. For books I haven’t read I’d probably ask things like “what will I like or dislike about this book” or something along those lines.

      And thank you! Aesthetic is something I definitely struggle with so that is nice to hear <3

      1. Well that promises to be really cool! I’m especially eager to see your TBR and the results you get… and your impressions on it once you’ve read it, too, and how that will differ. I’m getting all excited here haha, I really like that idea overall! <3 <3
        You're welcome!! <3

  2. Wonderful post! This is such a fun, interesting and original way to talk about books. Also, it’s wild how accurate this reading is. You’re making me really curious about tarot, I hope you do more posts like this one 😊

    1. thank you, and I plan to! And yes, it is freakishly accurate. I’ll be curious to see how my other readings turn out. thank you for your sweet comment πŸ™‚

  3. This is such a fun idea – so unique! I think it is so cool that you are doing this! It was a really lovely post and different than anything I’ve seen in the book blogging world. And it was so accurate!!!!

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