Tarot Readings

I have been a practitioner of tarot for the past two years and am very pleased to announce I am now offering tarot readings!

For more information, please continue reading!


Decks I use

  • Kawaii tarot
  • Unicorn Crystal tarot
  • Cat tarot


How to book

  1. Email me at cottoncandybookwitch@gmail.com with subject: Tarot Reading: [type of reading], DM via Twitter, or DM via Tumblr with your desired reading, card deck, and required information listed below. All information given will remain confidential.
  2. I will respond and remind you of my cashapp info, which is Venmo @ccbookwitch. All payments must be received prior to a reading. Once I have received payment, I will send you a confirmation message and you can consider the reading booked.
  3. Reading will be delivered by the specified date from the time of the post-payment confirmation.



love & relationship readings

Price: $5 per question, $3 per additional question, up to 2

Ideal questions

  • What should I look for in my ideal partner?
  • General readings about a particular relationship (strengths/weaknesses, can it be successful, challenges, etc.): $20
  • How can I improve my relationship?
  • What will I learn from this relationship?
  • How can I heal from a past relationship?
  • What outcome can I expect from this relationship?
  • How do I sabotage relationships?

What I will need for a love reading: The your name and the name of the person you desire, along with your relationship status (this will be able to give me a more in-depth, relevant reading).

Expected delivery: 2-3 days max


personal growth/development

Price: $5+

Types of readings

  • Daily/general overview: $5
  • Monthly or weekly overview: $5
  • Past/present/future: $10
  • Weighing two options: $10
  • One open-ended personal growth or soul-searching question: $5
    • Up to 2 follow-up questions for $3 each (potential total $11)

What I will need for a personal growth/development reading: Your name or initials.

Expected delivery: 2-3 days max



Price: $5 per question, $3 each for each follow up question

Ideal questions

  • What can I do to improve and grow in my career?
  • What does my employer want to see me improve at before promoting or advancing my career?
  • Is the job I’m currently in going to help my career in the long run?
  • How can I integrate my personal passions into my daily work?
  • Where should I focus my energies to advance in my career?
  • What does my employer like most about me and my work?

What I will need for a personal growth/development reading: Your name or initials, your job title and description (this will help me give a more accurate and relevant reading).

Expected delivery: 2-3 days max



Price: $50

What is a tarotcast? This is a twelve-card reading detailing your cosmic forecast for the entire year. For each card (representing the months of the year), you will receive a recommended area of your life to focus on integrated with a general monthly overview.

What I will need for a tarotcast: Your name or initials

Expected delivery: One week

Please note: Because tarotcasts are more detailed in nature and require more cards, I can only do between 4-5 tarotcasts per month.


Emergency tarot readings

If you need a reading delivered on the same day, all readings will double in price, including follow-up questions. I DO NOT do same-day tarotcasts.