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books read

This week I finished two books, one YA fantasy and one contemporary MG. I had mixed feelings about ALL THE STARS AND TEETH because I think it would’ve been about 20% better with no romance, but I’m realizing I am totally here for pirate fantasies and pirate books. This should not be a surprise to me since one of my favorite books as a child was Avi’s book THE TRUE ADVENTURES OF CHARLOTTE DOYLE and so was THE WANDERER by Sharon Creech, but for some reason I always ignore pirate books when they come out. I am silly.

I really loved ANA MARIA REYES DOES NOT LIVE IN A CASTLE. The writing was so excellent and it was a really compelling story about a girl whose ultimate goal is to get into a fancy private school. She starts out not really appreciating her family and being kind of a snob, but she has such big character growth throughout the book and her story was so meaningful and sweet. I can totally see why this book won recognition from the American Library Association, and I can’t wait to recommend it to kids.


currently reading

I’m reading two books that I’m trying to count for Swiftathon. VERY NICE is supposed to be a sexy-ish book, so I’m going to count that for the “False God” sexy/smutty content prompt. I’m also rereading MADLY because I keep meaning to continue the series, and I’m counting that for the “Daylight” prompt of rereading an old favorite. I remember this book being really charming and enjoying it a lot so hopefully I have the experience the second time around.


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    1. I hope you do! I do still recommend it even though I had some qualms about it. It is very unique.

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