the sunday post // 10-20-19

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, hauls, and more.


weekly happenings

  • I got a haircut. In totally random news. I decided to go Emma Watson with a Pixie Cut short, which also ended up getting rid of all the color in my hair so it is back to being my natural, super dark color. See my Twitter for pics. I really love it, even though I was worried it would make me feel boring. Cutting off all my hair (not that there was much of it to begin with but whatever) was weirdly freeing.
  • I started asking people to use my preferred name. Which is Mel, which I go by online already anyway. I feel like I’m in a weird limbo state because some people know I want to go by Mel but at work I’m still “Miss” and my given name. I feel kind of guilty about asking people to change my name, like I’m being selfish and a burden, even though I would never think that of someone else doing it. It’s just weird to get used to even though being called Mel does make me feel better than being called my old name


last week on the blog


next week on the blog

  • weekly goals?
  • artist’s way stuff
  • house of salt & sorrows tarot??
  • 2020 books to be psyched for
  • books I’m planning to read on leave

currently reading

I’m currently rereading AN EMBER IN THE ASHES, because I want to read up to A REAPER AT THE GATES while I’m on leave. I also can’t seem to concentrate on reading, so rereading seemed like a good compromise. I forgot how violent it is though??? Also, I’m reading Brenna Twohy’s poetry collection called SWALLOWTAIL and it’s super making me want to write poetry.


book haul

  • Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Know – Samira Ahmed
  • Most Likely – Sarah Watson
  • Love is for Losers – Wibke Brueggeman
  • Camp – L. C. Rosen
  • No Judgements – Meg Cabot
  • Aphrodite Made Me Do It – Trista Mateer

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