the sunday post // 12-8-19

I had a moment when typing the title of this post where I wasn’t sure if 2019 was done or if we had somehow skipped to 2020. I was only slightly disappointed when I realized it was still 2019. Anyway…


weekly happenings

  • I was super productive at work. I have been on a roll with getting stuff done and improving my customer service since getting back to work after taking leave and it just affirms for me that taking time off for my health was the right thing to do. I’ve been feeling so good about everything I’ve accomplished, and I’m able to see more clearly things I’ve been forgetting or putting off, and I have the motivation and energy to do those things now.
  • Two patrons offered to take me out to lunch for helping them apply to jobs. This actually happened last week, but I didn’t do a Sunday Post in favor of a wrap-up but wanted to include this somewhere. Obviously I didn’t accept, but it was just so nice to have my hard work and good customer service pay off and for people to leave happy instead of frustrated. I can tell I really am doing better at my job because people are responding to me much more positively and are leaving the library happy.
  • I started looking into buying a new car. I’ve been thinking about getting a new car for the past year or so for a lot of reasons, including the fact that my car model is a type that’s more susceptible to the theft that happened to me two weeks ago because it’s easier to break into. This is one of the numerous times I’ve been very happy my dad knows a lot about cars because he’s helping me look into my options for financing and also looking at which car is best and safest.


last week on the blog


next week on the blog

  • witchy wish list (actually this week, take note mom, lol)
  • best books of 2019
  • 2019 goals: how i did


currently reading


You know I am so happy to have gotten into rereading books this year? I’m especially enjoying my reread of THE HAZEL WOOD (in preparation for reading the sequel, THE NIGHT COUNTRY) because it turns out I forgot a lot of things about it since I read it 2 years ago and I forgot what the writing style was like and how much I enjoyed it. Even though I know what happens, it kind of does feel like reading it for the first time again and I’m just loving it. I don’t scream about this book nearly as much as I should, so listen to me telling you, if you haven’t read THE HAZEL WOOD and you’re a fantasy lover, GO DO IT!!


book haul

  • the black flamingo – dean atta
  • you say it first – katie cotugno
  • felix every after – felix ever after
  • stay gold – tobly mcsmith


  • the fascinators – andrew eliopulos
  • parachutes – kelly yang
  • a wicked magic – sasha laurens
  • chosen ones – veronica roth


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