the sunday post // 4-12-20

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, hauls, and more.


weekly happenings

  • My coworkers met my cat Willow at our weekly staff meeting. Our circulation supervisor was very excited to see Willow and everyone agreed he was cute. So that was the excitement for the staff meeting
  • We still do not have a return to work date, so help me God. I can’t take much more of this OMG I want to go back to work so bad even though I know as soon as I go back I’ll be all “can I go home?” But that would be much preferable to not being able to go anywhere.
  • I wrote my first article for my side gig. And my boss type person said the final draft was “terrific.” I got to write about gender and AI, which is something I didn’t know a lot about.
  • I continued debating dyeing my hair. For some reason I really want to try going turquoise even though I know my mom and boyfriend will say that is a terrible idea. But smokey/silvery lavender has also been suggested and that is what I am leaning toward. Mint green was another suggestion, but I think I would look dreadful with green hair. However, I figure if I screw it up, it doesn’t matter because nobody will see me until at least June, and once it grows out more I can get clippers and buzz it like all the other gays are doing.


last week on the blog


next week on the blog

  • who even knows
  • honestly


books read


Holy gods, where is the screaming about this book? Is the hype monster asleep or hiding under the bed? Because girl, let me tell you how AWESOME this series is: there is baking, there are brujas, there is middle school mischief, and magic. OMG. This series is so dope and I can’t wait for my hold on book 2 to come in on OverDrive.


currently reading

I am still reading THREE DARK CROWNS because I am now a Slow Bean Reader. I also decided to reread WICKED SAINTS because for some reason I am still convinced I will love it. I know it is trash but it is also kind of great and dark and Gothic and blood. Plus, I decided to get the OwlCrate edition of the sequel, RUTHLESS GODS, and that came in so obviously I need to reread WICKED SAINTS.


book haul

  • grown (!!!!!!!!)
  • among beasts and briars
  • charming as a verb
  • hush
  • the left-handed booksellers of london
  • one to watch

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