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Okay, I know this is a BOOK BLOG and therefore I should be talking about BOOKS ALL THE TIME and READING FOREVER but…lately, I’ve just wanted a BREAK. I don’t know if I’m in a slump or still book hungover from DAISY JONES and THE RAVEN BOYS even though it’s been a while, but for whatever reason, reading has just been feeling like a chore and I think I need a bit of a break.

I’ve never gone more than a day or so without reading, so while contemplating taking a longer break, I’ve also had to think about what I could actually DO instead of reading, which is my main hobby. Okay, it’s really my only hobby. But there have to be other things I can do to fill my time the way reading usually does, right? RIGHT. For instance, I could…


  • Write. I read a book of poetry this weekend by the Instagrammer Atticus, which was not very good but I also really enjoyed and felt inspired to write by? I’ve debated sharing poetry on Instagram before but never gotten far with it because I don’t have any visual artistic skills, but have yet to do it because I only write poetry sporadically (usually when I actually get around to reading more poetry again). But taking reading off my schedule would definitely give me the time I never have to write.
  • Research WIP ideas. Can I call them WIPs if I’m not actually writing the story yet? I have three ideas currently that I’d like to explore further, but need to do a lot of research first for all of them about various things, including real person fanfic and Persian cooking. I keep meaning to do research for all these ideas and have been doing about an hour of research here and there, but haven’t found the time to commit to seriously getting started with my ideas.
  • Listen to podcasts. I have about a million podcasts on my new phone that I keep meaning to listen to but never do because I never make the time. There’s one I especially like that analyzes pop songs called Switched on Pop that I’ve listened to a few times on long trips, and there are a ton of episodes from that that I’d like to try. I also want to try Gretchen Rubin’s podcast, since she wrote THE HAPPINESS PROJECT, which I enjoyed when I tried to read it earlier in the year.
  • Catch up on shows. I’ve been watching Daredevil for the past couple of weeks and am in love with it. I also started Veronica Mars a while ago but didn’t keep up with it. I am also dying to watch the new Dark Crystal show on Netflix because that was one of my favorite books/movies as a kid.
  • Try more video games. I only have 5 games on my Nintendo Switch so far, and only 3 of those that I really play. I have been wanting to find some other games to try since I have the gaming system that would be distracting and relieving after a day of work.


I guess it might seem silly to some that I had to make a list of things I could do besides read, but when reading is your entire life it’s so hard to think of things?? Honestly, this break is probably going to last for all of a day or so because I seriously can’t get by without reading. Still, it was helpful to make this list and see what other things I could fill my time with.

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  1. Ive recently been playing pokemon on DS whenever I need a break from reading. I also crochet, knit, draw, make crystal trees but havent done those in a while.

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