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It feels like time for a personal post, and honestly I enjoy writing personal blog posts that aren’t just about books, so here’s one to help you all get to know me a little better 🙂 I do a lot of personal discussion in my monthly wrap-up posts, so I’m going to try to pick things I don’t think I’ve written about before.

  1. Mel isn’t my real name. Shock and awe! I use Mel as my online name, mostly because it is a name I wish I had the courage to use in real life, partially because of my shifting gender identity stuff, but also because I just like it. It’s a nickname of my middle name, which is Melody. I once told a friend I wished I could be called Mel in real life, and they thought it really fit me, which was very sweet and affirming. I do wish I had the courage to ask people to use this name for me in real life because I think it fits me and I like it, but I don’t know that I ever will.
  2. I was once an editorial intern for Entangled Teen. For almost 2 years in college, I interned under author/senior editor Kate Brauning (y’all should go read her book HOW WE FALL; was v good) at Entangled Teen, an imprint of Macmillan. I have always had an interest in working in publishing and honestly still do, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved editorial work, and I’m honestly still tempted to try other publishing internships just in case I ever had a chance at a job in publishing.
  3. I was born with congenital heart disease. I have something called a hemitruncus, and I couldn’t explain it to you if I tried because even though I’ve had it explained to me in various ways numerous times throughout my life, I can never remember precisely what it is. I got surgery for it at 10 weeks old and have a scar on my chest because of it and many trips to the cardiologist to my name. My heart has been fine since then other than my fast heartbeat condition, but I’ve had no physical problems with it since the surgery, fortunately. It’s not something I actually share with a lot of people, and I don’t really know why that is. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of it, but I don’t feel any real connection to it because it’s never effected me, I suppose.
  4. In college, I was a double major in music performance and gender studies. And no, the two literally never melded because we basically only talked about male composers in music theory other than Nadia Boulanger. I majored in classical performance for flute, but honestly don’t play anymore, though I might be happier if I did. I also played violin for a while as a kid and experimented with it again last year and really enjoyed it, but I just haven’t been playing music at all since I moved out of my parents’ house. I also loved gender studies and was super fascinated by it (plus my advisor was super cool and smart and REALLY attractive, so that was a nice plus lol), but I haven’t found something to do with that career-wise yet other than my commitment to working in diverse library systems and communities.
  5. I have pink hair! I don’t post any pictures of myself on the blog for some reason and don’t do many where I’m not behind a book mostly on my instagram, so probably nobody knows this, but my hair is pink! I have almost always had short hair and it is in a pixie cut. I love my pink hair and it just makes me so happy. It’s really the only thing I like about myself physically. One of my bosses wants me to make it pinker so I am more noticeable because I am generally shy, and I would certainly like to do that. Pink hair for the win! Woohoo!



^that’s me!

That’s it! Did any of these things surprise you? Are there any fellow bloggers out there with heart stuff? Is it weird that I don’t use my real name on my blog?

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  1. Oh I love the name Melody, it’s so pretty – also I get it about not sharing pictures of yourself on the blog, (don’t get me wrong, not because you’re not pretty, you look absolutely stunning and I so want to see your beautiful pink hair a bit more, too, I’m so curious and I’m sure it suits you so well! You look adorable on that picture <3 <3. Anyway, what I meant is that I get it, because I too am kind of really shy and don't like showing my face haha 🙂
    It's so great that you got to intern in publishing and that you had such a great time – I hope you'll get another opportunity like that someday! Workin in publishing has to be one of my biggest dreams, too 🙂
    I love these kind of posts! 😀

    1. aw, thank you, Marie! <3 <3 I've been debating doing more pictures with myself (and my pink hair) in them on my instagram at least.

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