top ten tuesday // i *might* slay an innocent lion to get these books

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is to write about 10 books I would slay a lion for to get my hands on early. But…would I really slay an innocent lion to get a book? I think probably not. But for the sake of the title of this meme we can pretend I would be that heartless. Because lions are cats. And I love all cats (except sphinxes, which are not real cats. sorrynotsorry. they have no fuzz!)

  1. A Thousand Perfect Notes | C. G. Drews –Ā Now I know how international bloggers must feel when they can’t get certain books in their countries because I WANT THIS BOOK SO MUCH BECAUSE IT IS CAIT OF PAPERFURY AND SHE IS THE BEST and I can’t have it šŸ™ To be fair, there is always BookDepository, which ships internationally, and I would be willing to pay a lot of shipping for this when it comes out. Honestly, I am not big on abuse stories because they all end up reading the same to me, but it is Cait, and I am SO SO curious about her writing since she talks about it on the blog so much! So therefore I must have it by any means necessary (other than killing a cat, of course.)
  2. A Reaper at the Gates | Sabaa Tahir – I requested an ARC of this book really early on and my Penguin contact told me they were delayed and to request an ARC of it later…then I requested it later and they were still delayed…then I requested it when they were available and was told they were only going to reviewer outlets due to limited copies being made, which was very sad. But this is one of my most anticipated books of the year and I NEED IT but I also need to rereadĀ Torch because I don’t think I fully understood everything that happened the first time even though I had heart eyes throughout the whole book.
  3. The Way You Make Me Feel | Maureen Goo – The tragic part of this one is that I was going to get an ARC…but a post office mix-up sent it back to Macmillan and I never got it :””( However, I did get approved on NetGalley so that’s something? I LOVEDĀ I Believe in a Thing Called Love, and I can’t wait for a Goo book about food trucks and unlikely friendships and hopefully ROMANCE.

4.Ā What If It’s Us | Becky Albertalli & Adam SilveraĀ – tbh, I’m a bit torn about this pairing. I LOVE Becky but HATE Adam Silvera (I’m sorry!) so this could go either way for me. But it’s also BECKY doing gay boys again and they meet at a post office and it’s romance time and my heart šŸ˜€

5.Ā Sawkill Girls | Claire LeGrandĀ – I haven’t read a YA horror-y novel in a long time, and this one promises both atmospheric creepiness and GIRLS. Girls kissing and mysterious, legendary monsters has to be good, right??

6.Ā Broken Things | Lauren OliverĀ – I haven’t liked a Lauren Oliver book since theĀ DeliriumĀ trilogy ended, but I have super high hopes for this one. First of all, it’s got MURDER which is always a plus, and also something about an obsession with a mysterious book, and books about books are the best, obviously. I need to know what happened in the woods!

7.Ā Pulp | Robin Talley – So, from reading the synopsis, I gather that this book has…

  • alternating timelines between
  • 2 queer girls
  • pulp fiction
  • best friends romance between girls
  • possible slight mystery

and therefore, I MUST HAVE IT because how cool does 1950s lesbian pulp fiction sound???

8.Ā The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy | Mackenzie LeeĀ – I’m not *as* excited to read about Felicity as I would be to read a sequel with Percy and Monty *le sigh,* but I LOVED Gentleman’s Guide, so of course I have to read this book. Lee made historical fic so fun in her last book, and I’m sure I’ll fall for these characters, too.

9.Ā To Be Honest | Maggie Ann Martin – I HAD to have this book since the perfect, glorious, beautiful cover reveal when it was still titled THE STRUGGLE IS REAL (which is a way better title, imo). This book is about a fat girl dealing with pressure about her weight from her mom, plus a little bit of romance. I’m hoping for really good, A++ fat rep in this book because…I super need that right now. I hopeĀ To Be Honest is honestly great.


10.Ā The Boneless Mercies | April Genevieve Tucholke – I was already hooked by the title of this book, but then it got better and better, case in point: dark, STANDALONE fantasy (no series amnesia required!!), mercenary girls, female glory…need I go on? This sounds like a kickass, super feminist fantasy that I needed yesterday. YES PLEASE!!


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  1. What If It’s Us and Broken Things made my list this week as well! To Be Honest sounds like it’s going to be wonderful (and I agree that the other title is better lol). I’m gonna have to add it to my TBR.

    Lady’s Guide is on my list, too, and I totally agree with you. I wish it were Monty and Percy, but I’m hoping Lee will make me fall in love with Felicity’s story the same way I fell in love with Monty’s. I’m just nervous it’s not going to be as good???

    Wonderful list!
    – Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover
    My Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. same! I was also super hoping that she would’ve joined the pirates from GG but alas. I didn’t even read the synopsis until writing this post because I assumed that was what it would be about and then I read it and was a bit disappointed tbh. I hope we both like it!

  2. Oh this is such an amazing list! I’m eager to get my hands on Cait’s debut as well, it sounds amazin and I just CAN’T wait.
    I’m also really happy to see Lauren Oliver’s book on here – I loved everything from her and she is one of my favorite authors, I hope this one won’t disappoint. I’m sure I will love it, but I really hope you will, too, given that you haven’t loved all of her books šŸ™‚

    1. I hope I do too! I’ve wanted to love her other books but they haven’t lived up to Delirium yet. Perhaps this one will though *crosses fingers*

      1. Well, I’m still very happy that you loved Delirium – I haven’t met many people who loved that series just yet! <3

        1. it was actually a bit of a rocky road to start–I kinda liked the first one and wasn’t sure if I was going to keep reading it, but then I LOVED Pandemonium and also ended up loving Requiem, though I know most people didn’t love that one.

          1. I understand where they come from, but I personally loved the series until the end as well, Requiem included šŸ˜€

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