weekly wrap-up // 1-20-19

This weekly wrap-up is a new feature I’m trying because I love wrap-ups and seem to get more views on the weekends, so we’ll see how this goes. Plus I’m having a bit of a blogging crisis that I need advice on.


weekly happenings

This was a really stressful week for me. I am having conflict with my boyfriend’s parents that is really stressing me out and it came to a head this week and really stressed us both out. I also had a really stressful job interview (they changed the location on the day of without telling me) and I’m really worried because I don’t think I did my best but I still desperately want this job because how cool would it be to research books for a huge library system to buy all day!!?? I don’t know when I’ll hear and I have another interview lined up and I’m just really worried about the whole job situation because I need to get out of this job and find something I’ll enjoy until we probably move again when my boyfriend gets a job when he gets his master’s.


what i read this week

I read two delightful romances this week, both of which will count for the YARC2019 challenge, so I’m off to a pretty good start with that. I adored FAKE IT TILL YOU BREAK IT and will be pushing this book onto everyone until it comes out in June. It had all my favorite romance tropes and was just so cute and delightful. I also loved THE KISS QUOTIENT, which was a big surprise for me because it’s a) an adult book and b) an adult romance. I’ll be posting my review of it next week, so watch out for that!


what i posted

  • I posted about 2 middle grade graphic novels I read
  • I gushed over FAKE IT TILL YOU BREAK IT in a new feature, Save the Date, for books that I want to talk about but aren’t out for a while
  • I made another new feature, “in the mood for,” ft. monthly releases
  • I announced my intentions to participate in the Year of the Asian Challenge!


blogging crisis, you say??

I’ve been having a blogging crisis for a while now, mainly about two things: changing hosting from WordPress and changing my name. I’m debating changing my hosting back to RFE, which I’ve used before and is cheaper than WordPress business, which I want but is expensive, but would allow me more freedom and the ability to install plugins and themes, including plugins that could allow my blog to show up on Google search (anyone know how to fix this on self-hosted WordPress??) But I’m also a little poor right now.

On another note, I told myself I wouldn’t switch hosting until I decided if I wanted to change my name and therefore my domain. I like my name, I guess, but it doesn’t say anything to me about what my blog is or who I am. I’ve been debating changing it to Cotton Candy Book Witch for a while, even though I’m not posting about witchy things anymore because I’m not interested in them anymore. But I feel like it gives readers a better idea of what my brand is and my interests are. But I feel weirdly super anxious about changing my name even though I’ve thought about it a lot because it feels so permanent. I used to change blog names whenever I had the notion to but it was a pain and nothing felt permanent. I don’t know why this is causing me so much anxiety. I do really like the name but would love to hear others’ thoughts on or experiences with changing your blog name.



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  1. I’m sorry to hear it was a stressful week, Mel, I really hope that next week will be better and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you about the job, too <3 <3
    I can't wait to read Fake It Til You Break It, it sounds really, reaaaaaaaally great! <3
    I really wish I could help about the domain name and blog name, but I have never changed my blog's name and therefore don't have any experience I could use to recommend you to do one thing or another :/ I really like your new idea for a blog name though and it really should be a name that you feel like, fits you, somehow <3 maybe give yourself some time to think about it more? <3

    1. thank you for your thoughtful comment, Marie <3 <3 I think I probably do need some more time to think about changing my blog name. One of the reasons I want to change it though is because I don't know if my current one "fits me" as you advised, so that is definitely something to consider!

      1. I get that – picking a name takes time and it’s important that you feel good about it, too! I’m sure you’ll make the right choice in the end 😀

        1. I hope so. so far on my twitter poll people seem to like this name better, but I’m just so not sure about it anymore because I don’t feel like it represents me in any way. so I’m feeling very unsure atm.

          1. Oh I can understand that :/ in the end though, it is your blog and your own space, I would recommend you to follow your heart, really and do it as you feel, if you feel like your new blog name fits better, ultimately, you will feel better with it overall and that will make your blogging better and more exciting again, too. But that’s just my opinion! give yourself a little bit of time and you’ll see if, deep down, you feel like you want that change or not 🙂 <3 <3

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