weekly wrap up // 1-27-19

Welcome to another weekly wrap up! I almost forgot to do one this week, so yay! Anyway…


weekly happenings

I…really need a new job. I have just been so stressed at my current one because patrons at the library are so rude, even the teens, and I just…I’m TIRED af. This week was extra tough because the teens got out of school early because of exams, so they were at the library CONSTANTLY being obnoxious, and it wasn’t even most of our regular kids, who wouldn’t be *as* obnoxious. Working with the teens is the part of the job I like the most, but sometimes it is HARD. I am very glad school will be normal next week.


what i read

The title of this section this week should actually be “what I attempted to read” because I didn’t finish either of these books and didn’t get to read much because work was busy (which is a good thing, but still a bit sad because less reading time at the desk). I started with RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE…I REALLY wanted to like this book because it’s queer, but unfortunately, the writing style just didn’t work for me. It was SO SLOW AND BORING it was just not…good. It was weird because it was a lot of internal stuff, which is why it was slow because there wasn’t a ton of action on the outside, but we also didn’t get to know the protagonist that much?? So it was strange.

I also attempted STAIN, aka my most anticipated read of the year. I think I may just not be in the mood right now, because objectively speaking the writing is excellent, but this book also read as very slow to me and I just wanted to get to the meat of the story. I also was not in the mood to read a 500+ page book, I think.

I am now attempting a reread of the Grisha trilogy so I can finally read RUIN & RISING sans series amnesia. These books are so good; hopefully they can keep me hooked unlike these other books.


what I posted

  • I made a list of my writing fears
  • I did the Get to Know Me book tag! I <3 tags!!!
  • I posted for WWW Wednesday
  • I reviewed the amazing and delightful THE KISS QUOTIENT
  • I wrote about my blogging journey and where I hope to take this blog


blogging updates

So I am definitely switching to self-hosted and also renaming my blog COTTON CANDY BOOK WITCH!! I am very nervous but also very excited and everyone has been so supportive even if they don’t like the new blog name so thank you all so much <3 <3 AND Kat at Novels and Waffles has been making AMAZING graphics for my new blog, including a header that I am so psyched to use; it is so me! She’s not open for business yet, but she will be officially opening a design shop soon, and trust me, you NEED to check her out. She has been so wonderful to work with and her designs are BEAUTIFUL.



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  1. Do you think maybe you can transfer branches (if your library has branches…)? I work in the downtown branch, so we see kids only from the girls school next door.

    I hope you’re able to read more soon! And good luck with the designing c:

    1. I’ve thought about it, but unfortunately it would probably take a long time because I’d have to wait for someone to leave another branch. Also, I’ve heard about other branches in my system and it seems like some are actually way worse than mine, so I could end up somewhere that’s actually more stressful. I feel like my only option is to leave my current library system and switch to a county library instead of the city, which sucks :/

  2. Ahhh I am very, very excited to see your new blog and design and blog name and everything together, it will look amazing, I am certain of it <3 <3 Can't wait!! 😀

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