weekly wrap up // 2-10-19

weekly happenings

This was a weirdly busy week at the library. However, the teens were back in school normally except for a weird half day on Wednesday so they were generally calmer and not as hyped up and obnoxious as the past couple weeks when they had exams. On the job front, I found a couple interesting-sounding things. Now I am kind of debating staying at the job until I can move to NY and potentially do publishing even though NYC terrifies me because I just want a job that I like and don’t feel like I’m settling for. Anyway.


what i read


I started my reread of the first two Grisha books and finished SHADOW & BONE. Even though I only read it for the first time back in July, it was still just as good as the first time. I am very excited to reread SIEGE & STORM and get more Sturmhound <3 <3 <3


what i posted

  • My February TBR
  • A WWW Wednesday meme post
  • A post about my January reads


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