weekly wrap-up // 3-17-19

weekly happenings

Um…what happened this week again??? OH right, I met the library’s resident sociopath, who frequents the library in disguises and has called my boss pretending to be a woman and pretending to be a police officer. THAT was fun. Dealing with that man is the time that I have come closest to actually losing my temper and forgoing any pretense of customer service, but I DID NOT and I survived and he actually came up and THANKED me for my help and respect. Now if anyone asks me my proudest moment in an interview, I will definitely be telling the story of my first encounter with that man and how I killed him with kindness.

Then there was the guy who went off on me about making two million dollars on April 2 for something or other because I told him he couldn’t watch a movie in the teen area and needed to put in headphones to do so. He appears to have taken a liking or something to me because he came up to me a second time to go on and on about how he’s going to save the city and something about God and something about Elvis and…I don’t even know. Apparently I am a magnet for the library weird people this week.

Other than that things were okay at work though. I feel like I’m finally getting used to it after a little over a year. I still haven’t had my annual evaluation and I’m really nervous about it because I know I made a terrible impression for the first few months because I was so anxious and depressed, but on the bright side at least I know what they’re going to say?? So we’ll see how that goes.


what i read


^^^^^YES YOU ARE SEEING THAT^^^^^^^^^ I finally finished my Grisha books 1 & 2 reread and finished RUIN & RISING!!!! I liked it overall but I did predict whatΒ merozst would do do Alina and my ship didn’t sail (no, I did not ship Alina with the Darkling, ugh, he’s a MASS MURDERER and TORTURED my favorite character aka Genya). I think Oncat was the best thing to happen to this trilogy, and I was very relieved that the kitty character survived. If Leigh Bardugo had killed a kitty we would no longer be on speaking terms. Also Nikolai is the BEST and I need to read the SIX OF CROWS books so I can read KING OF SCARS and get more Nikolai and apparently Zoya. My list of favorite characters in that series is probably as follows: 1. Genya, 2. Nikolai, 3. Zoya (even though she and Mal had a thing, which…no. We do not discuss it). I am so glad I finally read this trilogy and can’t wait for my two kids who are reading it to finish it so we can gush and discuss!!


what i posted

  • A list of books I want to reread
  • A WWW Wednesday meme post
  • A review of Jennifer E. Smith’s new novel, FIELD NOTES ON LOVE
  • …that’s it

Also, I REACHED 400 FOLLOWERS! Technically now it’s at 401. But my goal this year is to get to at least 500 followers, and at this rate I think I’ll definitely be able to make that πŸ™‚ So to new followers, I say HELLO HOW ARE YOU HAPPY YOU’RE HERE and to those who have been following me a little longer I say THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!



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    1. that’s the plan! I can’t wait to read them so then I can read King of Scars and get more Nikolai!

  1. Ahaha, one of the reasons I love being a librarian is because of all the different types of people you meet. This one lady came to the desk to collect her printing and it was a necromancy diagram thing. Well, she started on a 20 MINUTE lecture explaining the diagram and about necromancy and John Dee and spirits and things. Which is completely fine except this was 100% unprovoked and I was just sat there like … what is happening.

    I hope your evaluation goes well! <3

    1. thank you <3 and omg that sounds kind of amazing??? lolol. I would not mind hearing about necromancy? but maybe I'm also a little nutty haha.

  2. That would be EPIC! I think we should do a collective live conference call reading or something…. or audible listening…

    I have no shame. I understand my obsession. I am ok with it

  3. We have so many…unique characters at our library. We have the guy that used to work here and mansplains everything from not being out to re-checkout books to inter-library loans. D: Hope you get your evaluations out of the way! c:

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