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I saw Malanie do this post on her lovely blog and since I am apparently out of ideas for this week, I decided to sum up my January reads as well. I had a pretty decent reading month for me with 7 books, though there were def some highs and lows.

Here’s what I read:


kingdom of the blazing phoenix by julie c. dao

This one was one of my most anticipated reads because I LOVED the first book, FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS, which I will gush about FOREVER, but unfortunately it was a letdown. Jade was just so painfully nice that it made the whole book boring even though the writing was still really good. Jade was just dry toast.



the tea dragon society by katie o’neill

This MG graphic novel was utterly DELIGHTFUL and made me feel so warm and fuzzy. It had lovely themes of friendship, queer stuff, and was just so sweet. I loved the concept of the tea dragons; they were all so adorable and I loved their tea names as a serious tea fanatic.



the miracle morning by hal elrod

I’ve been interested in reading more self-help-y books recently, and pretty much only read this one because I’ve seen lots of bullet journalers do Level 10 Life spreads and that comes from this book. Unfortunately, level 10 life was literally a single line of this book, so I had to slug through repetitive writing with bizarre product placement for most of it.



sunny side up by jennifer l. holm

I think MG graphic novels might be my new favorite thing. I liked how this one dealt so sensitively with the issue of what to do when a family member has a drug problem, and thought the writing in it was good and liked the structure of how the story unfolded.



fake it till you break it by jenn p. nguyen

I am sorry but y’all are gonna hear about this book A LOT this year because it’s just??? SO??? CUTE??? It has ALL of my favorite tropes which are the best tropes and it’s so ridiculously adorable and is the romance of the century for sure.



the kiss quotient by helen hoang

My first foray into (published) adult romance was a rousing success! I loved the writing in this book and shipped Stella and Michael so so much they are my new OTP for sure. And I wasn’t even as uncomfortable as I thought I’d be with the sex, which is what I was worried about most reading an adult romance (sex in movies and books makes me feel very uncomfortable normally) and the messages about consent were so on point without feeling unnatural or preachy and it was just GREAT.



the bullet journal method by ryder carroll

Bullet journaling is probably my main hobby outside of reading so I was very interested in reading this book, but also nervous because I am a seasoned bullet journaler so I wasn’t sure if I’d find anything new. I was very pleasantly surprised that there was a lot in this book for me, from tips on streamlining my journaling to lots of interesting thoughts about living “intentionally,” which I thought was rather interesting. I would definitely recommend this book whether you’re a beginning bullet journalist or a seasoned one.

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