what i’ve been doing while isolated: round 2

Hello, and, unfortunately, welcome to another edition of What I’ve Been Doing While Isolated. You can read round 1 of What I’ve Been Doing While Isolated here. Let’s hope this does not become a regular feature on this blog. However, I find it helpful to write about my life experiences when I’m stressed and in general and let me tell you: I am very stressed.

So here we go with more things I’ve been doing while isolated (although honestly, I could just say “not much of anything really” and be done with it).


  • Annoying the crap out of my boyfriend and parents. I am very fortunate to be isolated with my significant other but I have now reached the Intense Boredom stage of isolation and always want to bother him or my parents (via phone) and I think they can tell I am losing my shit. Seriously though, I would be totally bananas without my boyfriend.
  • Spending my time with very excited cats. My cat Willow is especially pumped that I am home. He has been waking me up at 3 most mornings this week to purr and ask for pets and food. I think both cats are confused about what time it is because they are not used to both their humans being home all day every day. But they are loving getting mommy cuddles and attention.
  • Casting spells. Okay, this should be “spell” singular. But I’ve been looking for magic to do while isolated with the herbs and spices and general materials I already have at home.
  • Researching paganism. Kind of casually for the most part, but I have done a bit of research on different types of paganism since being isolated because I had a dream about a deity which has never happened to me and pulled two tarot cards that seemed to represent her which is something I have never experienced.
  • Avoiding reading. I don’t know why but I’ve just been super avoiding reading since being isolated. I’ve read one good book and am in the middle of two, but for some reason I just can’t seem to motivate myself to read more even though isolation would definitely be better if I read more. I just haven’t been feeling super invested in reading for a long time now and I’m very frustrated by that because reading used to be something I loved doing and did at every spare opportunity. But now I just beat myself up because I can’t read as much or deeply as I used to be able to which has made it distinctly Not Fun.
  • A lot of laundry. I don’t?? Know why? I have so many pants?? I really don’t need to be doing this much laundry given I don’t need to go out and wear stuff to work.
  • Cooking more. This is kind of out of necessity and kind of because I have more energy to do so and kind of because it is comforting. I have now discovered more things I like to eat instead of my two things I usually make during the week as dinners and am pleased with myself. I made perfect mashed potatoes last week and was super proud of myself.
  • Journaling. I really love to use my bullet journal at the best of times and during the worst times (aka now and also probably soon) it is very helpful. I’ve been at a bit of a loss of what to use it for because I don’t have a set schedule to track or anything and a lot of stuff is up in the air, but I find the act of journaling very soothing.
  • Researching junk journaling. I don’t know how to explain junk journaling, but it’s more like art journaling and scrapbooking combined? It is definitely something I want to do when I have more access to materials and art supplies again.
  • Bleaching my hair. This seemed like a good time to try a new hair color because nobody will see me if it goes south, and I have time to bleach it properly and not damage my hair. It will be a smokey lavender color hopefully when complete. Currently it is golden.


Maybe, if this post continues to be a thing, I will one day have more interesting things to report. What have you all been doing while social distancing? How is everyone coping? Tell me in the comments.

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