why I no longer do blog tours

When I first started blogging, I was so desperate to be accepted for blog tours. To be honest, I mainly wanted the chance to read ARCs and the blog publicity because I was a tiny baby blog, as I am again now (alas). However, I have realized over time that blog tours and review requests are really not for me, and today I’m going to talk a little bit about why I don’t do them anymore and don’t plan to do any on this blog.

  • I might not like the book. The point of a tour is book promotion, and not liking the book makes it hard to feel inspired to promote a book, even if you’re not doing a review post. I have honestly done tours where I’ve done a review post but disliked the book, then been too afraid to tell the tour hosts I didn’t like it, so painstakingly looked for even the tiniest things I enjoyed about it in order to have something to write about.
  • I’m a mood reader. If I’m not in the mood for a book, it’s honestly way less likely that I’m going to enjoy it. I might be in the mood for the book before I request it, but if I don’t have a copy already, I obviously won’t be reading it for a while, and my reading mood can change on a whim, so it’s not a great system to get me to read a book.
  • I don’t personally like reading tour posts. Obviously the person is going to say they liked the book, or else they wouldn’t be on the tour, so I feel that there is no point in reading a post whose purpose is just to sell a book. I want posts that are more nuanced and interesting, and I don’t get that with tour posts, so why would I elect to write them?
  • I might not have time to read the book. Since I am such a mood reader, I might not start the book until a short time before the tour, and then I’,ll feel pressure to finish it, which will make me dislike it.
  • Too much pressure. All in all, tours are just too. Much. Pressure. I have to be in the right mood for it to like it, I have to read it with enough time to fully enjoy it, it has to be good, I have to get in the right mood in time; it’s just too many factors that are up in the air that make being on a book tour stressful, thus lessening my enjoyment of the book, thus making being on the tour pointless.

To be honest, I don’t think I’m even going to put contact information on this blog, because I contact publishers myself when I am interested in reading something, and I don’t want a bunch of spam emails from email blasts that I never signed up for or books by authors who don’t bother to read my blog enough to know that it’s a YA only blog, not romance or erotica or Christian lit.

In short, book promotional tours are not for me. I like to promote books on my terms and my time, and I find them to be far too much pressure when blogging is something I do for fun on the side of the real job where I promote books basically for a living to the actual audience for them.

Have you struggled with participating in blog tours? What are your thoughts on promo posts and events?

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  1. Oh this is such an interesting post. I have to admit that I don’t do too many blog tours, I take the opportunity every once in a while when there is a book that really catch my eye, but you’re so right about the pressure. It is a bit stressful to have to review the book in a timely manner, to put up the right banner and everything else going along with it, to… well, to actually like the book in order to promote it well, and so on.
    I personally appreciate participating in some blog tours, but I have to admit that whenever I see blog posts like these, I only read them when there are reviews, I’m not really interested in just promo posts with quotes or excerpts :/

  2. Me too ! I couldn’t say I would never do one , but I’m too picky these days . I only sign up if the book is too intriguing and then hope the tour host ignores me because the date seems impossible after signing up .

    1. I think being picky is probably wise. It’s definitely smart not to sign up for too many because that can for sure lead to pressure. I just find it too much pressure to do tours because I worry so much that I won’t like the book.

      1. IKR ? I get more worried about forgetting the date I’m supposed to post on . I’ve forgotten to post on time a few times and only remembered them when the host emails me about it . I dread those emails . Like everytime I think of signing up for something , I imagine a reminder email .

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