why you should read all the stars and teeth

Hello, friends, and welcome back to ALL THE STARS AND TEETH week! Today, I’ll be doing a little more gushing and tell you why you should pick up this book.


  • #1: LOOK AT THAT COVER. I almost screamed the first time I saw it, but did not because I was probably at work. It is so ridiculously badass and gorgeous, and the eel skeletons are relevant because that is part of the symbol of the kingdom in the book, which should tell you something about how it’s going to go down.
  • It has a lot of blood. Honestly, this story is not for the faint of heart, but if darkness and a bit of gore are your thing? HANG ON TIGHT because you will get it.
  • The world building is KILLER. I adored the island/archipelago setting and each island Princess Amora and her crew went to was so cool and unique, and you could see how the type of magic they practiced helped the island.
  • All the types of magic were so intriguing. There are 7 types of magic in this book, from manipulating time to manipulating someone’s soul. The two types of magic I was most interested in were curse magic and enchantment magic, which someone could use to change the appearance of themselves or others or objects.
  • THE MERMAID. *le sigh* I think the mermaid in this book deserves her own story. She was captured by a group of men who are basically the scum of the earth, so she’s very pissed off all the time and it’s great. She also has the power to see curses, which I think is super cool.
  • There’s also an island that’s been banished where people practice curse magic, which sounds like my kind of island.
  • This book is just super magical and the characters are cool and the writing is lush and fantastical and I am here for this book.

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