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Today I wanted to share some witchy things I would like to get for myself or be gifted in the future. Plus, it’s honestly just fun to make a wish list even if you know you probably won’t get the things. Or maybe I just think that’s fun? Anyway, these are some of the witchy things I’ve been eyeing:


  • Spirit Cats Deck (and Spiritlings Calendar) – I would love this bundle from artist Nicole Piar. I’ve wanted the Spirit Cats deck for a while now. It’s not a tarot deck but something called an oracle deck, which is different for reasons I don’t entirely understand, but the way this deck works is that it has the illustration and then a particular message that goes along with each cat. Since I love cats, I thought this deck and I would vibe really well together. I also really like the Spiritlings calendar because it has lunar phases on it and magical energies listed. Plus my boyfriend and I need a new calendar for 2020.
  • Alice in Wonderland Deck – I also LOVE this oracle deck, which was designed by one of my favorite artists, Jasmine Becket, who I discovered because I bought the coloring book she drew. I discovered this deck via Tumblr and love all the messages that go along with the deck.
  • Gold Crescent Moon Necklace – It’s definitely a very witchy thing to wear a pentagram or a crescent moon because those are major pagan symbols, and a lot of posts I’ve read with witchy grounding/mindfulness tips recommend wearing a pentagram or crescent moon to touch to remind you of your personal power. I really like this idea because wearing one of these symbols isn’t blatantly religious to most people, and also because Stevie Nicks is apparently known to wear a crescent moon necklace often, and she is super cool and witchy.
  • Blue Obsidian stone from Catland – I read about this witchy book shop in Brooklyn in an article in the New York Times that my mom sent me and would love to get something from her even if I can’t go in person. I fell in love with the blue obsidian stone instantly, even though I didn’t know the correspondence. Apparently blue obsidian can ground and protect, as well as promote clear communication, which would make it a super useful stone to carry around at my job.
  • Opalite stone from Catland – This stone is good for helping with depression and anxiety, and promoting healthy romantic relationships. It’s also super pretty, which is one of the main reasons I want to add it to my crystal collections.
  • This book and this book  by Skye Alexander – Skye Alexander is known pretty well among the witch community, and I’ve been interested in checking out her books to start building a witchy library for a while. I really want the grimoire book because I’m very interested in grimoire creation, but the one about crafting your own spells also looks good. Really, I just want all of her books. Plus they’re very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Cat Tarot – I just discovered this traditional tarot deck while looking for a new deck to replace the one that’s been behaving badly lately and OMG, it is so precious. I smiled the instant I saw this deck and just…how could a tarot deck with cats eating the tarot cards on it not be amazing???
  • This pastel witchy journal (blank option) – I REALLY want this journal for my 2020 grimoire. I’m going to spend the next few weekends filling up my 2018-2019 grimoire and I know I’m going to want a new one for the upcoming year for all the witchy research I wan to do. This journal just fits my aesthetic and personality so perfectly.



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