www wednesday // 10-24-2018

WWW Wednesday is a book blog meme hosted by Taking On A World of Words where book bloggers answer these questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What are you reading next?
  • What did you just finish reading?


Just Finished


I actually did something weird last week and checked out a graphic novel?? I’m not saying graphic novels are weird; plenty of people like them; they are just not really my thing generally so I don’t check them out for fun. However, we just processed a bunch of new graphic novels at my library job and this series, JONESY, looked really cute. It’s a diverse graphic novel about a girl who has the power to make people fall in love with anyone or anything, but her powers don’t work on herself. She has a dorky dad who runs a donut shop and writes a zine about her favorite pop star named Stuff. This was a very cute story that I might actually read more of. I’d love to see this as a TV show. It would be so cute!


Currently Reading


I’m finally reading LADY’S GUIDE!!! I have been so excited for this book but have put it off as I tend to do with most anticipated books because I’m nervous about reading it. It’s pretty good so far though it is very different from GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE and I sometimes find Felicity abrasive. I’m only about a quarter of the way through but it has the setup for a great adventure, there are female friendships galore and badass ladies everywhere, so hopefully it will live up to my super high expectations.


Reading Next



This remains a mystery. I’ve been feeling a bit reading slump-y again and just not in the mood to read, but I can’t not read so I’m forcing myself to read anyway. I might give SHADOW OF THE FOX a try because I got it in a book subscription box recently, or whatever the book is in Unicorn Crate, which should arrive TOMORROW!!!!!!!! I’ve also been debating reading DEAR EVAN HANSEN because I’ve been listening to the soundtrack and am now curious even though I wasn’t initially since I haven’t seen the show.

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